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Market Information

  • March 30, 2001

The transfer of business rights from Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.

Komori Corporation (CEO Yoshiharu Komori) has received business rights transferred from Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd., as of 1st April.
The situation to date is as follows.

1. Core values
Toshiba Machine is a general manufacturer of machine tools, injection molding machines, printing presses and other machinery for fields such as automobiles and aerospace. It has built up a wide-ranging strength in related basic technologies. We are a specialist manufacturer of printing presses, with a strong reputation for specialist technology. This transfer brings together specialist technology with wide-ranging basic technology to maximize the strengths of both sides and yield synergistic advantages.
The influx of new people and technology will stimulate our operations and our organization, enhancing our workforce and services and building a system that will better satisfy our clients.
This measure will also yield greater efficiency in areas such as development and production, thus cutting costs while building our development strength. We will be able to offer our clients better solutions and raise our standards in development, production, service and sales in a more robust and powerful organization.

2. Intake of personnel
As of 1st April, we will take on a total of 33 staff from Toshiba Machine in sales and service positions. We also plan to take on design and manufacturing personnel in July and October.

3. Product strategy
Toshiba Machine's had built up a solid reputation in large offset presses and foldering machines able to produce telephone directories and similar publications. In the past we have not manufactured such large products, so this transfer of business will enable us to move into a new market.

4. Service system
Within our service system, Toshiba Machine Press Engineering will remain unchanged, carrying out maintenance operations as our Sagami Service Center.

5. Customer relations
By the end of March we visited 160 companies which were Toshiba Machine users and explained the situation to them. On 23rd March we advised clients of service contacts, our company profile and other matters.

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