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Press Release

  • August 2nd, 2007

September 21-27 (Friday through Thursday), 2007
Tokyo Big Sight - Hall East 3

Welcome to IGAS 2007

I am very happy to welcome you to today's press conference and wish to express my gratitude for your attention. Since this IGAS 2007 press conference is being conducted worldwide, allow me to begin my remarks.

This is the second time for IGAS to be held as one of the four major international exhibitions of printing equipment.

'Freedom of Impression' is our main theme for IGAS 2007 and ‘5 Solutions by KOMORI’ is the subtheme as we look forward to success. Our wish is for printers from all over the globe to come together here to consider 'Freedom of Impression' and celebrate free thinking and free choice.

At IGAS 2007, we will launch new ideas on technology, standardization, and environmental solutions under the subtheme “5 Solutions by Komori.’ The printing market currently is diversifying as the roles of digitalization, software and services evolve, making it challenging to achieve differentiation on the basis of printing alone. This makes it necessary for printing companies to accurately assess potential needs based on the specific client and become involved in customer creation and customer satisfaction as ways of providing convenience and service.

Komori has taken the key words for assuring customer satisfaction extracted from the ‘5 Doors’ in Stage 3 of the ‘Business Innovation Promotion Plan’ developed in Japan by the AJ-PIA, the All Japan Federation of Printing Industry Associations, and developed new technologies and new systems as well as presses equipped with new functions that translate these key words into reality. We also know that these key words correspond to the issues facing the printing industry overseas. Thus, at this IGAS, Komori will present the ‘5 Solutions’ to the ‘5 Doors’ through real demonstrations of new models and new functions. We are certain that these products and services will provide maximum benefits for customers.

At IGAS, Komori will exhibit new products such as the Lithrone S44, the Lithrone SX29, the Lithrone S40 equipped with Sheetfed KHS-AI, and the Komori Cold Foil System as well as new technologies such as the Operator Navigation System, a new service tool.

At the Komori Booth – the largest of all Japanese press manufacturers – we are creating an information-packed environment that will see eight sheetfed and one web press deployed in four Print Zones and a DoNet Zone for digital network systems. In addition, the booth will feature displays in six corners.

I am confident that everyone who comes to the Komori Booth will feel that it was worthwhile and will be able to take away useful solutions and ideas.

With our aim of inspiring customer kando, Komori, as a leading printing press manufacturer, will spare no effort to make IGAS 2007 a great success. With these remarks, I welcome you all to IGAS 2007.

Yoshiharu Komori  President and CEO Komori Corporation

Main Komori Theme:

Freedom of Impression
The main Komori theme at IGAS 2007 is 'Freedom of Impression.' This means that Komori develops the best technologies, products, and systems for customers, letting everyone make free selections that best fit their needs.


5 Solutions by KOMORI

‘5 Solutions by Komori’ is Komori’s IGAS 2007 theme.

We will present 5 Solutions to becoming a company that profits through new business creation.

These 5 Solutions were shaped by Komori to solve the 5 Issues (‘5 Doors’) set out in the ‘Business Innovation Promotion Plan’ of the AJ-PIA, the All Japan Federation of Printing Industry Associations. At the Komori Booth, count on us to present optimum solutions in an easy-to-understand format through demonstrations of the ‘5 Solutions’ to the ‘5 Doors.’

5 Solutions and 9 Presses

The Komori Booth will consist of four Print Zones showing eight sheetfed and one web press and the DoNet Zone for digital network systems.
We will make our presentations through actual demonstrations that display the‘5 Solutions’ to the ‘5 Doors’ defined by the AJ-PIA as the most pressing issues for printers.

5 Doors

Door 1: Enterprise culture that is serious about the customer
Door 2: Recognition of and response to major social currents (changes)
Door 3: Approach to raising competitive advantage
Door 4: Use of own originality as a weapon
Door 5: New business creation strategy

5 Solutions by KOMORI

Solution 1: Super Customize Solution

Outstanding differentiation through Komori’s original customization with the Komori Cold Foil System, UV coater, and inline die-cutter

  • NEW! LITHRONE S44 (Six-color 44-inch sheetfed offset press + Coater + UV curing)
  • NEW! LITHRONE SX29 (Six-color 29-inch sheetfed offset press+ Cold Foil + Coater + UV curing)

Solution 2: One Pass High Productivity Solution

One pass machines for the ‘big three’ – high quality, high productivity, and quick turnaround (web offset press, reversible perfector, and 4/4 sheetfed perfector)

  • SYSTEM 35SII (4/4-color Sixteen-page web offset press)
  • LITHRONE S40P (Eight-color (4/4-color) 40-inch reversible sheetfed offset perfecting press)
  • LITHRONE S40SP (Four-color (4/4-color) 40-inch sheetfed offset perfecting press)

Solution 3: Super Makeready Solution

The Super Makeready combines print media and electronic media for competence with ultra-short runs and quick turnaround work

  • LITHRONE S40 (Four-color 40-inch sheetfed offset press with New Features!)
  • LITHRONE S26 (Four-color 26-inch sheetfed offset press)

Solution 4: Flexible Multi Print Solution

Nimble compact presses capable of handling varied printing needs

  • SPICA 29P-W (Four-color (2/2-color) 29-inch reversible sheetfed offset perfecting press)
  • SPRINT GS (Two-color (1/1-color) 26-inch reversible sheetfed offset perfecting press)

Solution 5: Fully Digital Solution

The highly evolved DoNet makes the ultimate Digital Smart Factory happen and supports one-stop service.

  • DoNet Products
    K-Station, PCC, PQC, KMS, PDC-SII, K-ColorProfilerII, K-ColorMatchPro, etc.

6 Corners

Print Gallery
Print samples are displayed at the entrance to the Komori Booth. Visitors are able to see finished print samples made on the basis of high added value printing business model before seeing the demonstration.

KOMORI History and Old KOMORI Lithographic Press
This corner will introduce the history of Komori’s ‘passion for making things,’ from the days of Komori’s lithographic presses to today’s development of the Lithrone S Series machines.
The demonstration will consist of a Japanese lithographer making lithoprints using a lithographic press.

Environmental and Reliable Service Solutions
The Environment Corner will show ‘Komori’s engagement with the environment’ and the ‘environmental programs of the service department,’ which both contribute to maintaining a good environment in the customer’s printing facility.

Chambon Corner
The package printing sector has continued to grow in recent years. Komori’s package printing presses are produced by Komori-Chambon in France. A lineup of presses fit for all package printing needs, including both offset and gravure, that are equipped with inline finishing functions and are capable of short runs of many items as well as reduced makeready times and lower startup losses.
The booth will include a panel display of Komori-Chambon products and print samples.

Security Printing Corner
Currency printing is undertaken with very advanced counterfeiting prevention techniques. This an extremely high level of technology and quality throughout the currency printing process. It is well known that Bank of Japan banknotes are printed exclusively on Komori printing presses. These banknotes are rated as the most difficult in the world to counterfeit. Currency printing operations around the world (both state-run and private sector) use Komori currency presses.
The Security Printing Corner will present a panel display showing Komori offset currency printing presses, intaglio presses, numbering presses, securities presses, and quality inspection equipment.

Charity Corner
The Komori Booth is cooperating with the charity Save the Children. Komori is contributing the printing of Save the Children posters and postcards on Komori presses. By this and by providing a part of the booth for the sale of goods and for fundraising, Komori supports activities that benefit health programs for the world’s children.

IGAS 2007 Rollout — 1

The technologies behind the 5 Solutions

At IGAS 2007, Komori will be showing many new technologies and systems for the first time. The following is an outline of these developments. More information will be provided the following page.

NEW! First KHS-AI on the Sheetfed LITHRONE S40

One point of focus is the first integration of KHS-AI (Komori High-Performance System: Advanced Interface with self-learning function)in a sheetfed press. This system creates new value by continuing to evolve through self-learning, making it a major weapon in achieving the ‘5 Solutions’ for printing companies.

KHS-AI with self-learning function

  1. raises productivity and ensures profitability by cutting costs
  2. expands the range of prospective customers by meeting customer needs with fast turnaround
  3. reduces the operator’s workload with a reduced set of necessary skills
  4. is a strategic system supporting printing business management which also reduces the environmental impact.

KHS-AI has been available on the SYSTEM Series of web offset presses. The versatile functions of this integrated control system have won a solid reputation in the web offset market.

At IGAS 2007, Komori will unveil the first configuration of KHS-AI on the Lithrone S40 (four-color 40-inch sheetfed offset press). The demonstration will highlight the power of the ‘Super Makeready’ that goes beyond ‘short makeready.’

⇒KHS-AI Highlights

- Self-learning function

KHS-AI automatically performs optimum color matching based on the status of fine adjustments and color changes in compliance with quality standards. In other words, by repeatedly learning from compensation and optimization, KHS-AI is an evolving system that adapts completely to the new environment.

- Batch presets

  • Air and registration presets
    For sheet size, sheet thickness, sheet grain, ink coverage, and printing speed
  • Remote diagnostics
    Quickly diagnoses trouble spot from remote location. Analyzes abnormal conditions using the operation record and log file so as to prevent problems in advance.

NEW! Smart Sequence

Automatic control from the end of one job to the initial printing of the next job saves considerable time and makes operation easier. This feature is available for Sheetfed and web presses.

NEW! Smart Feedback

When the client or designer requests a change in printing density at a press check, the number of waste sheets is slashed to 1/10th of the conventional quantity with this function.

X. system

The ‘X’ in X. system comes from ‘x-ray.’ X. System is a solution that makes the unseen visible. In the process of producing printed items on a printing press, each movement (starting, stopping and abnormal conditions) is controlled by hundreds of electrical signals. X. System is software that was developed by Komori’s Service Department that allows these electrical signals to be seen.

X. System allows the location and causes of problems in the press, machine operating status, volume of paper loss, amount of paper remaining, and the amount of stock in inventory to be known and seen on the pressroom floor. Making this information visible will show the printer what practices are needed to avoid machine problems, reduce operating losses, and use paper without waste.

NEW! Operator Navigation System

Sudden trouble when up against a tight deadline or running the work at night. This happens, and often the fix takes time because the problem cannot be resolved even if you call and consult. Such sudden problems could be solved quickly if the service technician could see the actual machine and guide the operator.
Komori has developed the Operator Navigation System to handle sudden incidents. The system uses camera-equipped goggles to reduce the costs of repairs and service. This system will debut at IGAS 2007.

Prototype PQA-W

Color maintenance function using digital prepress image data with PQA-W will be demonstrated during IGAS 2007.

IGAS 2007 Exhibit — No. 2

DoNet Zone: Fully Digital Solution

DoNet — Digital Open Architecture Network

Lets take a look at DoNet and X. system, Komori’s highly evolved network technologies. At IGAS 2007, Komori will show our products in collaboration with makers of MIS systems, prepress and postpress equipment, and monitors.

‘Totally optimized’ printing system for more efficient management

DoNet facilitates the creation of ideal printing systems through open architecture. Information that is standardized according to CIP4/JDF specifications links the internal parts of the printing press, peripheral equipment, prepress, and postpress. The printing system is equipped with an interface that organically connects and uses all of this information, which is also available for use in management decision-making.
DoNet is a system that simultaneously promotes print standardization and optimization through the use of digital networks. Information can be shared with any of the many systems that are compatible with international standards such as the JDF, allowing both local (partial) and total optimization.
Specifically, by joining the information from external systems and the printing press, DoNet provides a solution to the most pressing issues facing printers – print quality, cost reductions, quick turnaround, and environmentally friendly operation. The system also supports management by maximizing the effectiveness of color management, short makeready, operator support, high-speed printing stability, reduction of material losses, environmental standardization, and optimization of the production process.

Printing demonstrations using a JDF workflow built through collaboration

In the DoNet Zone, we will handle production control through CIP4/JDF-based digital communications, perform color management using high-precision color measurement tools, and work in collaboration with other makers of prepress and postpress systems.
DoNet is a total management system that provides press-side visibility of production information and enables print production optimization, print standardization, and press-based color management.

⇒DoNet Highlights

  • Case studies of users who have adopted CIP4/JDF data flows
  • Collaboration with makers of prepress and postpress equipment
  • High-precision, easy-to-use CMS (color management system)
  • More efficient work, standardization, and higher print quality
  • Lower operator workload due to more efficient production process
  • Real-time unified control due to availability of printing data and production control information

Collaboration at DoNet Corner

With the cooperation of the CIP4/JDF pavilion in Hall West W-321

Super Customize Solution
To expand the possibilities of added value


44-inch sheetfed press with maximum printing speed of 15,000sph, specified for high added value printing


Six-color 44-inch sheetfed offset press + Coater + UV curing This 44-inch press is meant for printers who might want to raise the productivity of book and publication work, to use more color and print B size posters with higher quality, and to achieve higher added value and greater functionality in package printing.
The Lithrone S Series sheetfed offset presses were developed to meet user needs. The development concept focused on stable high-speed operation with lightweight stock, short changeover, and the capability of high added value printing on heavy stock. Based on cutting-edge technologies and expertise, this concept was realized as the Lithrone S44. With a 15,000sph maximum printing speed, the LS-44 easily handles a wide range of papers.


New technologies in the 44-inch Lithrone S Series sheetfed offset press

High-speed operation enabled by stabilized feeding and delivery of sheets using enhancements such as air presetting system and improvement of the sheet separator, etc.
Short job changeover time
Used for the first time with Full-APC, random platechanging, where plates are changed according to the cylinder positions in each unit, is adopted.
Adopts transfer cylinder cocking device to enable coater cocking.
High added value package printing using the coater and UV curing
Deluxe high print quality when printing B1-size posters
* New technologies: Full-APC without need for plate bending unit, air presets, improved self-diagnostics, presoaked cleaning cloth

Basic specifications

Model LS-644
Maximum printing speed (sph) 15,000
Maximum sheet size (mm) 820×1,130
Minimum sheet size (mm) 460×620
Sheet thickness (mm) Standard 0.04~0.3
Thick/thin optional specification 0.04~0.8
Skeleton transfer cylinder specification 0.08~1.0
Maximum printing area (mm) 810×1,120
Plate size (mm) 900×1,130
Feeder/delivery paper pile height (mm) 1,250

(Note: Figures are subject to change in the future.)


29-inch sheetfed offset press that meets International/USA market needs and accommodates inline processing


Six-color 29-inch sheetfed offset press+ Cold Foil + Coater + UV curing
The new Lithrone SX29, developed for the package and label printing market. This high-end machine in the Lithrone S29 Series lineup will be unveiled at IGAS 2007, configured with the Komori Cold Foil System, which applies foil with an inline process.
The Lithrone SX29 offers enhanced capability for high added value printing through improved basic performance such as print quality and suitability with a range of paper thicknesses and through re-engineered special specifications.
This press meets user requirements such as coater blanket changing for high added value printing along with greater interdeck UV maneuverability. The press will serve as a powerful weapon for differentiation for printers seeking the capability for high added value printing by means of inline processes (both software and hardware).

Compared to the Lithrone S29, the printing area has been enlarged and approximately 30 special measures to prevent marking and scuffing have been applied to the feeder, registration unit, printing units, and delivery. These changes make this press more effective with special papers and substrates, which is the major feature of the Lithrone SX29.


  • Komori Cold Foil System –Prototype-
  • Possibilities of one-pass high added value printing through the use of the inline coater and UV printing
  • Possibilities of inline die-cutting and/or embossing
  • Full range of options for high added value printing

* New technologies: Brushless feeder, improved self-diagnostics, and Smart Sequence




Number of colors



Maximum printing speed (SPH)



Maximum sheet size (mm)



Maximum printing area (mm)



Plate size (mm)



(Note: Figures are subject to change in the future.)

One Pass High Productivity Solution
To fulfill client needs



4/4-color Sixteen-page web offset press

Short-run press integrated with new Komori technologies
A sixteen-page web offset press must provide short makeready, short-run capability, reduced paper loss, customer support, environmental friendliness and must be digital network ready. Komori has developed advanced technologies to address these needs, such as short changeover and paper waste reduction technologies, and combines these with technological innovations that improve print quality stability in high-speed operation, productivity, and cost performance as well as enhance specifications and basic performance.
Specifically, the KHS-AI for Web total integration system makes possible this short-run web press and ensures the high printing quality and sub-ten-minute (‘single digit’) setup for which Komori is known. KHS-AI with self-learning is a system that develops by automatically performing optimized color matching according to the status of fine adjustments and changes in color based on quality standards.
The System 35SII is a single-size blanket cylinder web design that offers excellent operability and outstanding performance with small- to medium-size runs.

In addition, the integration of new Komori technologies in this press, such as Full-APC (fully automatic platechanging) to change all 8 plates in just 2 minutes, sectional drive, and the duplex stacked configuration option along with device improvements make the SYSTEM 35SII the leader in the web offset industry


  • World fastest makeready
  • KHS-AI-based integration system
    One-step startup and reduced setup time
    Reduction of paper waste and customer support functions
    Platechanging in just 2 minutes thanks to Full-APC
  • 800rpm maximum printing speed
  • Automatic folding function and fold quality for each job
  • Color Maintenance function using digital prepress image data with PQA-W (Print Quality Assessment System) and will be demonstrated as a prototype.

* New technologies: KHS-AI integration


15,000sph maximum printing speed and print quality free of scuffing and marking


Eight-color (4/4-color) 40-inch reversible sheetfed offset perfecting press
The Lithrone S40P is designed for printers who want to print on both thin and thick sheets, who want to do multicolor and perfecting printing on one press, to raise the share of work performed inhouse, and to enlarge their scope of value creation and business. The LS-840P is the 40-inch perfector with the versatility and flexibility to deliver must-see productivity, quick turnaround, and high added value printing.
Komori has solved the issues of compromised reverse side print quality and scuffing/marking. In addition, the speed limit has been raised – the Lithrone S40P performs one-pass double-sided printing at 15,000sph.


  • High print quality free of scuffing and marking due to Komori’s perfecting mechanism of three double-size transfer cylinders
    15,000sph double-sided printing thanks to smooth and certain sheet reversal by the sheet reversal mechanism and air control
    Reduction of imperfections because ink laid down before sheet reversal is not picked up by the impression cylinder in the downstream units.
  • High added value printing in the multicolor straight mode
  • 4C/4C perfecting printing at 15,000sph
  • Stability of belt system for sheet transfer by delivery.
  • Handles thick sheets easily even during one-pass double-sided printing
  • High quality and high added value printing with multicolor work in straight mode

* New technologies: air presets, roller-free feeder, improved self-diagnostics, and presoaked cleaning cloth


2 to 3 times the productivity of a straight-configured press, plus cost reduction and higher operating efficiency


Four-color (4/4-color) 40-inch sheetfed offset perfecting press
The Lithrone S40SP is for printers looking to raise productivity, to achieve quicker turnaround, to expand the volume of work, and to bring a greater share of work inhouse. Highly profitable thanks to productivity and efficiency that facilitate must-see short-run performance and quick turnaround, the Lithrone S40SP 40-inch sheetfed offset perfecting press.
This press features one-pass double-sided printing that offers the combined strengths of sheetfed and web offset presses and that delivers 2 to 3 times the productivity of a straight-configured press. Thanks to stability with no front/back disparity and free of scuffing, marking and fan-out issues, this press provides high quality printing for a wide range of work, from dictionaries to high-end catalogs.
The LS-40SP offers an increased maximum printing speed and shorter makeready time, and the press excels with short-run catalogs when configured with a reel sheeter. The press is well known for productivity that is midway between the sheetfed and web markets. The LS-40SP is a high productivity, quick turnaround machine with a small footprint (the same as a straight-configured four-color press) that makes it ideal for downtown printers. This press will contribute to reduced costs and higher business efficiency.


  • High registration accuracy ensures print quality with no front/back disparity in density
  • High speed, high productivity one-pass double-side printing that is well suited to short-run work
    Higher maximum printing speed  => 15,000sph
    Larger maximum printing area => 5mm increase in circumference provides maximum printing area of 710mm x 1,020mm
  • Suitable with a wide range of sheet thicknesses Accommodates sheet thicknesses of 0.04 to 0.3mm
  • Variety of automated systems for high productivity
    New Full-APC design reduces platechanging time (8 plates in 5 min)
  • Printing performance difference in comparison to reversible perfectors, tandem presses, and web offset presses
  • Live demo of JDF networking with Horizon

* New technologies: improved self-diagnostics, presoaked cleaning cloth, and built-in internal dust collector

Super Makeready Solution
Short turnaround and on-press proofing



Four-color 40-inch sheetfed offset press

New evolution! Super Makeready allows on-press proofing

This evolved Lithrone S40 offers Super Makeready because it is the world’s first LS-40 equipped with KHS-AI and Smart Sequence. This transforms this press into a high productivity, high profitability machine with improvements in equipment efficiency that not only provide quick turnaround and short-run competence but also enable on-press proofing.

Because it accommodates a wide range of substrates and prints on both light and heavy stock, this press is superb as a high added value press that delivers high-end printing on packaging, labels, and cards and also easily handles thin cardboard such as microflute. Specifically, the mechanical configuration, based on a double-size cylinder design, makes the LS-40 well suited to work on heavy stock because of the excellent sheet transfer and movement characteristics, high dot reproducibility, and superior inking and distribution. The basic performance that enables high added value creation facilitates a strategy that stresses productivity, differentiation by quality, and the securing of clients. This Lithrone S40’s outstanding short-run competence makes it the perfect choice for printers considering on-press proofing.
In addition, the Lithrone S40 may be specified with a full range of options, including automatic nonstop feeding, drying units, inline coaters, and double delivery, further extending the potential of added value production.


  • Technologies that make possible ultra-short-run efficiency
    Full-APC, high-speed startup, 16,000sph maximum printing speed
  • High basic performance (high quality and high added value printing
  • Quick changeover for thick sheets

* New technologies: Air presets, roller-free feeder, improved self-diagnostics, presoaked cleaning cloth, and high-speed stabilization features

Basic specifications



Maximum printing speed (SPH)


Maximum sheet size (mm)


Maximum printing area (mm)


Sheet thickness (mm)
[Special specification]

Plate size (mm)


(Note: Figures are subject to change in the future.)



Four-color 26-inch sheetfed offset press
World-record Super Makeready for short-run capability with reduced time and cost
The Lithrone S26 is a high-performance machine that meets user needs through high print quality, greater stability and speed of operation, and high productivity. To meet the higher needs for time and cost reductions, the LS-26 has been transformed into a strategic next-generation press by a set of technologies that enable Super Makeready, the world’s fastest setup.
The Lithrone S26 is superb at value added work such as printing packaging, clear files and seals. The Lithrone S26’s outstanding short-run competence makes it the right choice for printers considering on-press proofing.
This Lithrone is also a very environmentally friendly machine, offering reduced startup paper waste, lower electric power consumption, and measures to reduce the dispersal of powder and cleaning liquid. The press also clears all relevant standards on noise.


  • Short-run competence and quick turnaround thanks to Super Makeready
    Super Makeready enables world record performance: printing 10 jobs of 200 sheets each per hour
  • Printing quality that is clearly different than digital presses
    Compatible with a wide range of substrates; sheet thickness range: 0.03mm – 0.3mm
  • Highly automated for short-run performance and quick turnaround
    Setup time is reduced by 50 percent thanks to platechanging time of 2 min 30 sec for four plates with new Full-APC and reduction of washing time by the automatic blanket washer of 85 percent
    Reduced job changeover time via high-speed pre-inking
    High-speed startup to 12,000sph

Flexible Multi Print Solution
Unexcelled versatility



Four-color (2/2-color) 29-inch reversible sheetfed offset perfecting press

The answer to diverse printing needs

The Spica 29P-W is a compact B2 full size (542mm x 765mm) four-color reversible perfecting press. Multiple capabilities, such as the ability to print either 4C in straight mode or 2/2C in perfecting mode, and a full complement of new functions, including full CIP4 compliance, make this machine capable of handling a wide range of work. Ease of operation, adaptable, small footprint, and high cost-performance.
For users aiming at the four-color printing business, printers who handle mostly short-run work, and for platemaking business, this multifunctional press offers optimum productivity and investment efficiency.


  • ・High quality four-color straight-mode printing (Toyo Ink Kaleido) 
  • Meets wide range of work, such as B4 4-page impositions and B5 8-page impositions
  • Quick changeover and high register accuracy
  • New specifications for enhanced adaptability
  • Highly automated for short-run and quick turnaround performance



Two-color (1/1-color) 26-inch reversible sheetfed offset perfecting press
Adaptable, versatile press is highly automated and digital-ready
The Sprint GS is an adaptable two-color reversible offset press equipped with many key functions. These include the Pre-inking and Removing System (color matching), automated systems provided as standard equipment, and new functions that facilitate a digital workflow.
Compatible with a wide range of paper thicknesses. Helps users with high productivity, improved investment efficiency, and profitability. The integrated delivery-end operator touchpanel saves space and improves ease of operation, significantly improving the operator’s working efficiency

⇒High lights

  • High print quality thanks to excellent inking and distribution
  • Ease of operation with delivery-end operator’s touchpanel
  • Quick printing startup with CTP data
  • Shorter printing time due to automated devices and systems

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