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Press Release

  • November 13, 2009

Opening of Komori Graphic Technology Center (KGC)
Operation starts October 10, 2009

Printing press manufacturer Komori Corporation (Head Office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President, Chairman and CEO: Yoshiharu Komori) opened the Komori Graphic Technology Center (hereinafter KGC) at its Tsukuba Plant on October 10, 2009.
The role of KGC is to strengthen and promote the realization of a “company that provides KANDO to its customers, ” which is Komori Corporation’s management philosophy, and to function as the core institution of the Komori Group for dealing with the building of printing and printing press technologies as well as technical training.

The four functions of KGC are as follows:

  1. Quality evaluations of Komori systems by customers and sales demonstrations 
    for customers.
    [Demonstration Center]

  2. Educating customers about printing technology (hardware and software)
    [Printing College & DoNet]

  3. Worldwide training of service and production experts
    [Technical Training Center]

  4. Basic research on printing technology (including collaboration with universities and printing material/peripheral equipment manufacturers)
    [Printing R&D Center]

By organically unifying these four functions into KGC, we will strive to provide information on how to correctly use our products to customers not only in Japan but also around the world. We will respond accurately and quickly to answer questions from each customer and solve various issues. Also, by establishing KGC’s knowledge bank, we will collect and process information from the entire graphic arts industry and release information from Komori to the industry.

We held an unveiling ceremony on the opening day of KGC on October 10. We invited Mr. Michael Makin, Chairman of Printing Industries of America (PIA) as a special guest in addition to inviting VIP users in Japan, the press, related organizations, and related companies to the ceremony.

President Komori had the honor of speaking first.
“KGC, which is newly established within the Tsukuba Plant as a comprehensive facility for printing-related technology, consolidates various functions such as joint research with printing-related industries and universities, demonstrations of our products, and technical training. Furthermore, we hope to play a positive role in the development of the printing industry as an information center for the industry and customers through knowledge management. Together with the Tsukuba plant, which merged with the Sekiyado plant to strengthen environmentally friendliness while pursuing better product quality and productivity innovation, we are determined to push toward our goal of ‘building a production structure for the world’s number one quality printing presses and realizing a company that provides KANDO to its customers.’”

Mr. Makin, Chairman of PIA, made a congratulatory address during which he said, “PIA places great emphasis on education, and it is great to see the market revitalize through the establishment of this kind of facility. I hope PIA will be able to collaborate with KGC in the future.”

Next, Mr. Sugiyama, Project Director of the KGC Center, gave a presentation on the overview of KGC.
Using two plasma displays set up in the venue, he explained the role of KGC, its four functions, the facility, the eleven printing presses that are installed there, the printing system that includes CTP and a photo studio, and the training planned for the future.
During the presentation, he introduced staff members who speak English, Chinese and Korean as an example of KGC’s globalization.

After the presentation on KCG, a tour of the facilities was provided.

The guests first visited the DoNet Area, which is the center for prepress, color management, and data management. They next visited the Printing College, where instruction on printing is conducted. They then toured the Technical Training Center, where printing press maintenance is taught.

The guests then toured the R&D Center, where new printing technology is being developed. The center is equipped with the newest LSX-640 press.

At the Demonstration Center, which is equipped with four presses, the guests watched a demonstration using the LS-640 (with coater).

At the end of the tour, the guests gathered on the LS-640 where a commemorative photo 
was taken with Komoriís executives and KGC staff members.

At Komori, the new establishment of KGC is a milestone and all the employees are determined to work with renewed vigor as we aim to become a company that provides KANDO to its customers in order to meet everyone’s expectations.

The staff members at KGC are looking forward to your visit in the hopes that the newly established KGC will be useful to as many people as possible.

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