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Press Release

  • March 17, 2010

Opening of Komori Latin America Technical Service Center (KLT) Operation will start in April 2010

Printing press manufacturer Komori Corporation (Head Office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President, Chairman and CEO: Yoshiharu Komori) will open the Komori Latin America Technical Service Center this April in cooperation  with our distributor, Gutenberg, which is based in Sãao Paulo, Brazil. The center will operate within the facilities of Gutenberg. For details, please refer to the outline below.

1. Background of Establishment

We are aiming for the realization of a “company that provides 'KANDO' to its customers”, which is our company's management philosophy and we are striving to improve customer satisfaction and provide high quality products and services that make a positive impressions on customers. As a part of this activity, we will open the Komori Latin America Technical Service Center this April in cooperation with our distributor, Gutenberg, based in Sãao Paulo, Brazil. The center will be opened and operate within the facilities of Gutenberg. As Latin America is an important market that has potential for growth, we will not only focus on selling products but also enhancing technical assistance and service support. In this base, we are aiming to provide periodical regular service, quick troubleshooting, technical training for operators and an improvements in the distributors''s skills —- including demonstrations with actual printing presses for local customers.

2. Outline

1) Opening
The opening is scheduled for this April.

2) Location
In the building of Gutenberg in São Paulo, Brazil

3) Staff
3 persons (1 engineer from Komori, 2 engineers from Gutenberg)

3. Main Business Lines

  1. Technical training to customers' operators
  2. Technology transfer to distributors' engineers
  3. Regular service
  4. Support for installations of printing presses
  5. Support for operation of the showroom

4. Additional Information

An open house will be held at the São Paulo site in Brazil on April 14, 2010.

About Komori Corporation

Komori, founded on October 20, 1923, manufactures and sells printing presses and printing equipment. Recently, the company has gained a high reputation from home and overseas customers and has become the world's top class printing system maker.


Gutenberg is a private company, based in Brazil and established in 1967 as a distributor of Heidelberg presses. In 2000, the company became a Komori distributor that deals only in Komori products for printing presses. Through 10 years of sales activities as Komori's distributor, the company has built a strong position as the market leader of certain product segments, such as 8-color 40-inch presses. The company's business emphasis is not only sales but also service, parts supply, and operator training. This after-sales strategy is one of the main reasons for the success of Komori presses in Brazil.


Takeshi Yoshikawa, Manager

Sales Promotion Department

Komori Corporation

Phone: +81-3-5608-7806

Email: Takeshi_Yoshikawa@komori.co.jp

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