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Press Release

  • August 27, 2002

The basic design concept
"a plant suitable for making high-precision machinery, a plant suitable for the science city of Tsukuba".

[ Tsukuba Plant Begins Production ]

A plant suitable for making high-precision machinery

1) Printing presses are said to demand greater precision than jet engines.
The production of high-precision printing presses can be affected by minute changes in factors such as temperature and humidity.
Even if the building is air conditioned, outside air infiltrates the building every time delivery trucks enter and leave, impairing temperature control and having an adverse impact on costs and the environment. In this plant, a truck yard has been built within the building, with two entrances, one from the outside to the truck yard and another joining the truck yard to the rest of the building. This unusual configuration blocks the direct entry of dust and outside air to the plant.
The working space has zones with individual temperature control, which helps to cut costs and reduce environmental loads.

2) Vibration induced by cranes can also impact quality. Therefore buffering materials are inserted between the cranes and the plant floor slabs to block the transmission of vibration.

3) When heating is required, hot air at the top of the building can be blown down to the bottom of the plant by devices called derivents, but that can cause discomfort, and there has been a trend away from their use recently. In this plant, inverter control is used to regulate the volume of air movement.

4) This plant is windowless, which excludes outside air, allows smooth control of temperature and humidity and prevents dust infiltration.

A plant suitable for the science city of Tsukuba

1) Construction design attuned to the surrounding environment
The plant was designed to suit the environment of rich greenery dotted with educational and research facilities. The design also expresses precision, and the coloring is based on that of the Lithrone S40. At first glance the building could be mistaken for a research institution.

2) A plant matching Tsukuba's environmental standards
- Energy saving through enhanced air conditioning efficiency.
- The energy block on the site contains compressors and oil rooms, but it clears Tsukuba's environmental standards for noise, vibration and odor, which are more stringent than those of other areas.

Address and telephone number
203-1 Nakayama , Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki prefecture
Tel: +81-29-839-0070
Fax: +81-29-839-0074

[ Tsukuba Plant Begins Production ]

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