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38" Offset Printing Press



Komori relentlessly drives the evolution of print technology. Now in the pursuit of print perfection comes the ultimate printing press for production and management effiency.
A web offset press with its inherent high productivity, the 38" System G38 Double-sided Offset Printing Press features the H-UV curing system ó the revolutionary Komori system that enables high quality printing on sheetfed presses. A maximum printing speed of 30,000 sph yet a total length of just 20 meters. Reel-to-sheet printing means this press is ideal for short to medium runs. The same size as an eight-color sheetfed perfector with utterly overpowering productivity.
All made possible by Komoriís independently developed H-UV curing system along with new functions and a range of automatic devices and systems. Komoriís latest outstanding technologies are unstintingly deployed throughout the press for very short makeready, lightning quick print start-up as well as shorter job changeovers and automatic color control during the run. New ink cleaning and mist recovery systems as well as the means to visualize operating information and outstanding ease of operation, the press embodies maximum consideration for people and the environment.
Solving a host of printing issues with its superb printing quality, high productivity, short turnaround, excellent cost performance and blue-chip environmental credentials, the System G38 will be a critical asset for greater management e ciency.


  • Ultimate short makeready performance with the AI-Link integrated control system, Full-APC fully automatic platechanger and the H-UV instant curing system.
  • Configured with the in-line H-UV curing system as standard equipment. It is the solution to a wide range of printing issues. It ensures improved print quality because it is powderless and solves the problem of paper expansion and contraction because a hot-air dryer is not used. In addition, it meets short turnaround needs and lowers the operatorí s workload and the environmental impact because total lead time is reduced.
  • Equipped with the latest technologies and systems that simultaneously complete adjustment of register and standard densities to enable printing of webs of paper.
Model Cutoff  (mm) Max. web width(mm) Max. printing area *
Plate size
Paper stock range(gsm)
SYSTEM G38 625 965 617×965 649×975 40-130

* Note:
Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein. Specifications may also be modified for product improvements.
Maximum printing area depends on theoretical values for single colors.

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