Report on the Results of an Investigation into Information Leak due to Unauthorized Access

May 27, 2021

We are pleased to report that we have confirmed the facts of the information leak due to unauthorized access at our U.S. subsidiary, as released on May 13, 2021.

  1. 1. Information leaked

-Part of the image data used for printing demonstrations and tests at the U.S. subsidiary.

-Part of the personal information of employees of the U.S. subsidiary.

-Part of service repair information of the U.S. subsidiary.

-Part of the sales information of the U.S. subsidiary.

At this time, we have not confirmed any leak of customers' personal or sensitive or bank-related information . In the event that any new information is discovered that should be reported in the future, we will disclose the information appropriately on our website and contact the affected parties directly.

  1. 2. Background of the unauthorized access

    On February 8, 2021, we detected an abnormality on the server installed in our U.S. subsidiary and confirmed an attack by ransomware. We immediately took measures such as blocking unauthorized access and implemented security measures to restore the system and prevent similar attacks.

    However, since we later confirmed that information thought to be data from the ransomware-infected server had been released and as previously reported, we announced the possibility of an information leak and have been working to identify the leaked information.

  2. 3. Scope of the damage

Based on an analysis of the communication logs, we have confirmed that the aforementioned information has been leaked.

On the other hand, Komori Corporation, its subsidiaries in Japan, and its local subsidiaries outside of the United States have separate network environments, and no damage has been confirmed.

In addition, the website where the information was disclosed has been closed and cannot be accessed.

4. Measures to prevent recurrence

Since the unauthorized access in February, no suspicious outside access has been confirmed for the entire Komori Group.

Immediately after the unauthorized access, our U.S. subsidiary implemented countermeasures by a security specialist company. Emergency security measures have also been implemented at the head office and other Komori Group sites. We will continue to strengthen our security under the guidance of our security experts to prevent any recurrence.

We deeply regret the trouble and distress this may cause. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the following office:

For further information

Komori America Corporation
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Komori Corporation Information System Group
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