Apressia DC105

40-inch Automatic Flatbed Die Cutting and Creasing Machine


The Ideal Machine for Improving Package Production Efficiency
Apressia DC105: Outstanding Cost Performance

Aiming at innovation in finishing processes for the next generation, Komori provides ideal equipment and systems, such as newly developed postpress machines. Now the Apressia DC105 Automatic Flatbed Die Cutting and Creasing Machine joins the Apressia series of postpress machinery.

The Apressia DC105 is the first platen-type die cutting machine focused on packaging solutions. A range of fine adjustment functions aimed at the specifications, performance and ease of use meeting packaging requirements as well as a nonstop feeding mechanism are standard equipment. Having outstanding production efficiency and cost-performance, the Apressia DC105 offers new added value in finishing work. The ideal basic machine for not only packaging printers but also those printers planning to get into packaging.
Komori is innovating in everything from color management systems to postpress in order to advance overall optimization based on printing.

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Model Apressia DC105
Max. cutting speed sph 7,500
Max. sheet size mm 1,050 × 750
Max. die cutting size mm 1,040 × 720
Paper weight g/m2 90~600 (up to B flute)
Dimensions of die cutting plate mm 743 × 1,090
Dimensions Length mm 5,573
Width mm 2,150 (without step)
Height mm 2,335

* Specifications are for exhibit machine.
* The specifications noted above are subject to change without notice.

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