TV program information: NHK's overseas service "Japan's Top Inventions"

Feb. 24, 2023

Komori's banknote printing machines will be introduced in the program "Japan's Top Inventions" on NHK World TV, NHK's overseas service, as "a report introducing the products of a Japanese company that boasts the world's top market share in a niche field".

■Program: Japan's Top Inventions
      Automatic Door Sensors / Banknote Printing Machines
(1) Saturday, 2/25/2023, PM 2:10~2:40 & PM 5:10~5:40
(2) Sunday, 2/26/2023, PM 11:10~11:40
(3) Monday, 2/27/2023, AM 7:10~7:40
(4) Friday, 3/3/2023, AM 4:00~4:30

【Program Overview】
This is an information program broadcast once or twice a month on NHK World TV in about 160 countries and regions for overseas viewers. The program focuses on product development and features a variety of industries and products in Japan.

You can watch the program via live streaming, NHK's dedicated app, and CS channel. (For CS broadcasts, please refer to the website).

▼Click here for live streaming(The preview thumbnail is already up.)

▼After the broadcast, the program will be available with streaming service for one year (in multiple languages including Chinese in addition to English).
Komori's introduction starts from 18 minutes.