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IR Information updated [May 30, 2017]
Lexon takes UK's first Komori Impremia IS29 inkjet printing system [May 12, 2017]
OnPress No.90 updated [May 10, 2017]
China Print 2017 Press Release [March 29, 2017]
Komori Group Environmental and Social Responsibility Report 2016 [March 15, 2017]
Komori and SCREEN GP Develop Integrated Workflow Solution Cooperation [January 31, 2017]
Komori Corporation and Gain-How Printing conclude contract for an Impremia IS29 and six offset presses [January 23, 2017]
New Lithrone GX44RP Debuts as the Ultimate One-pass Double-sided Printing Press [January 16, 2017]
Komori and Artron Art (Group) Sign Agreement on Impremia IS29 Installation and Strategic Cooperation [December 8, 2016]
Komori and Kodak Announce Strategic Print Workflow Partnership [June 3, 2016]
drupa2016 Press Release [April 4, 2016]
Event Report website renweal [April 4, 2016]
Komori Graphic Center-Europe Reopening [November 6, 2015]
IGAS2015 Press Release [August 18, 2015]
PRINT CHINA 2015 Press Release [March 19, 2015]
Lithrone G37 Joins Lithrone G Series Lineup [March 2, 2015]
Komori starts to supply mass-production "Metal Wiring for Touch Panel" printing system to the Market&TouchTaiwan2014 [August 22, 2014]
Establishment of Komori Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd. [June 16, 2014]
New Lithrone GX40 Debuts as Komori Flagship Machine [June 12, 2014]

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