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Market Information

  • April 23, 2001

Notification of an adjustment in forecast performance

In light of recent trends in business performance, the performance forecast issued with the statement of accounts on 21st November 2000 is revised as stated below.

1. Revision of forecast business performance for the term to March 2001 (1st April 2000 ~ 31st March 2001)

  Revenue Ordinary profit Net profit
on the term
Previously-announced forecast (A)
(Announced on 21st November 2000)
82,000 6,300 3,400
Current revised forecast (B) 81,400 10,900 5,300
Amount of revision (B-A) -600 4,600 1,900
Rate of revision -0.7 73.0 55.9
in the preceding term
(to March 2000)
82,635 2,575 1,346
(Units: Millions of Yen, %)

2. Reason

At the time of our interim statement of accounts and performance, we anticipated exchange rates for the latter half of the term of ¥105 against the US Dollar and ¥90 against the Euro. However, the market changed course in November of 2000 and the Yen has been declining since then. This change, coupled with the effects of cost cutting and savings in expenses, has produced results (ordinary profits and net profits on the term) in excess of the forecast issued at the time of the interim statement of accounts.

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