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  • January 15, 2004

CIP4/JDF Interoperability Tests
World's major manufacturers gather for CIP4 communications testsCIP4/JDF efforts and Komori's advanced capabilities confirmed

December 8th-10th last year in Orlando, Florida, USA (of Disney World fame) saw sixteen of the world's major MIS (Management Information System) vendors, printing press manufacturers, prepress manufacturers, and post-press equipment manufacturers participate in the third CIP4/JDF interoperability testing event. Two companies from Japan, one of which was Komori, brought products to the tests. And three companies participated as printing press manufacturers in the event's teleconference (Komori being the only company from Japan).

The main focus of this event was to test the interoperability of the each company's CIP4/JDF products. As part of this, each company brought along products that are still under development, which were pre-installed on computers, and conducted communications tests in a wireless LAN environment to confirm bi-directional data exchange. Komori participated with K-Station and it was a valuable meeting from the point of being able to gauge the level of CIP4/JDF implementation and the state of progress in the developments of other companies.

Each of the participating companies, each with their own approach to CIP4/JDF implementation, chose a test partner to confirm interoperability. Once interoperability had been confirmed with that partner, testing continued by moving on to one of the next companies. Komori carried out verification tests with one company on the first day, two companies on the second day, and three companies on the final day for a total of six companies (three from the U.S., one from Germany, and two from Britain), and although the developments of these test partners were at various levels, it was confirmed that interoperability was possible with all the companies involved. Komori is advancing its developments true to CIP4/JDF specifications, and at times Komori pointed out their test partner's misinterpretation of these specifications, and the tests proceeded while having these misinterpretations debugged.

The Komori technicians who attended this event then went straight to Komori's European offices (in Britain and the Netherlands) to conduct further interoperability tests with another MIS vendor (a German company) and again confirmed problem-free operation.

At this event and at the separate tests in Europe, Komori was able to confirm its interoperability with the systems of other companies, and it was very productive from the point that Komori's efforts were verified at a position at the world's highest level. Komori will also participate in the fourth event scheduled to be held at the end of February 2004, and also plans to confirm interoperability with many further systems prior to drupa 2004.

Komori is moving forward in collaboration with many industry-related vendors around the world under Komori's DoNet concept in order to provide the most appropriate systems suited to the conditions of Komori's customers. (At the recent IGAS 2003, Komori collaborated with Dainippon Screen and Olive Inc.) Komori plans to demonstrate its proven CIP4/JDF implementations, namely interoperability with established MIS and similar systems, at the upcoming drupa 2004 exhibition.

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