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Press Release

  • March 11, 2004

Lithrone S40 Wins Japan Federation of Printing Industries' Technology Prize
Now the Winner of Five Technology and Design Prizes Worldwide

The Lithrone S40 was selected by the technology prize selection committee of the Japan Federation of Printing Industries for the Printing Industry Technology Prize and was awarded the prize on February 27 at a prize-giving ceremony on the occasion of an ordinary general meeting of the Japan Federation of Printing Industries.

The Lithrone S40 was judged to be comprehensively superior to its nearest rivals due to such factors as its enormous marketability based on its current market performance. The Lithrone S40 was the proud recipient of one of only two technology prizes to be awarded this year.

  • Criteria for selecting candidates
    (from the Japan Federation of Printing Industries website)

To be awarded to individuals or enterprises central to technological advancements that greatly contribute to the development of printing industries or the application of printing technologies to other industries. Note that the prize is limited to projects that have achieved actual results and excludes fields that are still at a developmental stage.

What the judges look for

- Originality of the technology, progressiveness of the technology
- Marketability of the technology (the technology is creating a large market or has the potential to do so)
- Potential development of the technology (the technology has the potential to be extended to other applications)
- Other features for which special consideration will be given in judging

  • Technology Prizes and Design Prizes Won by the Lithrone S40

With this prize, the Lithrone S40 has now won five design and technology prizes from three countries around the world. The prizes won previous to this prize are:

The Industrial Design Prize at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Awards, 2002 (Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper).
The Good Design Award, 2002 (Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization).
iF Design Award, 2002 (Industrie Forum Design, Hanover, Germany).
InterTech Technology Award, 2003 (Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, GATF, United States).

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