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Press Release

  • February 17, 2006

Komori Develops Four New 26/29-inch Presses for the Lithrone S Series:
Lithrone S26(P) and Lithrone S29(P)
Orders to Be Taken from March 2006 Setup Time Is Halved and Maximum Printing Speed Allows Ten Jobs per Hour*

* Conditions noted herein.

Lithrone S26

26-inch Sheetfed Offset Printing Press

Lithrone S26(P)

26-inch Sheetfed Offset Perfecting Printing Press

Lithrone S29

29-inch Sheetfed Offset Printing Press

Lithrone S29(P)

29-inch Sheetfed Offset Perfecting Printing Press

Concept behind the Lithrone S26/29(P)
Highest Level of Press Performance:
Maximum Print Quality, Productivity, Added Value Capability and Reliability

Komori Corporation (Head Office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshiharu Komori) has completed development of the Lithrone S26 and Lithrone S29 presses, the successor machines to the Lithrone 26/28. Incorporating new technologies and mechanisms and meeting today’s needs at a high level as next-generation strategic machines, the Lithrone S26 and S29 extend the range of Komori’s Lithrone S Series presses.

Since being introduced in 1983, more than 6,000 Lithrone 26/28 Series presses have been commissioned worldwide, accounting for more than 30,000 printing units. These technology driven presses have gained a solid reputation throughout the industry for meeting real needs with the highest levels of print quality, consistency, high-speed operation, and productivity.

The Lithrone S26/29 represents a further evolution of the concepts behind the renowned Lithrone S40. Based on a machine delivering the highest level of performance, this concept aims to attain the ultimate in print quality, productivity, added value capability, and reliability. To meet users’ ever stricter and increasingly diverse needs, these presses are loaded with functions for greater overall productivity, shorter makeready, higher print quality, and improved mechanical performance, ease of operation, durability and reliability. With a view to reducing hourly costs, the Lithrone S26/29 offers a maximum printing speed of 16,000sph (compared to 15,000sph with the Lithrone 26/28) and a 50-percent reduction in makeready times.

Six Key Words in Development of Lithrone S26/29

Short Makeready: Key to Shorter Turnarounds
As printers’ continue to diversify, they require solutions that improve productivity and throughput and meet the increasing demand for value added printing. Printing equipment must offer flexibility, shorter run capability, short makeready and reduced labor requirements. For companies investing in presses, the ability to cope with today’s fast turnaround market is often cited as the primary requirement. As a strategic production platform capable of taking on the challenges of the future, the Lithrone S26/29 is equipped with a range of new technologies to meet these demands, including maximum printing speed of 16,000sph (compared to 15,000sph with the Lithrone 26/28) and makeready times of just five minutes, a reduction of 50%.

Early Adopter Assessment: Management and Pressroom Evaluations
Assessments were obtained from two early adopters who installed the Lithrone S26/29 ahead of the launch. (Details attached in Case Study Reports) The results cited high productivity, short makeready, high print quality, ease of operation, excellent mechanical performance, and environmental friendliness. These evaluations provide on-site backing that indicates achievement of the development-stage targets set out in the key words noted above. “We wish everyone could use these presses,” said these users.
In addition to these evaluations, executives, pressroom managers and operators all had extremely favorable reactions, indicating a high level of market support.

With high confidence in these results, Komori proudly introduces the Lithrone S26 and S29.

Short Makeready
The Lithrone S26/29 is packed with features. The following describes short makeready performance, which is the source for success in the short-run, quick turnaround market.

New Features Reduce Makeready Time

  • Adoption of Full APC (requiring no operator intervention):
    Reduces platechanging for 4C from 3 min 40 sec (Lithrone 28) to 2 min 30 (Lithrone S29) sec.
  • High-speed pre-inking
  • Automatic blanket washer

These innovations significantly reduce makeready time.

Comparison of Lithrone 28 and Lithrone S29 makeready times for 200-sheet job

Lithrone 28  11 min 28 sec 
Lithrone S29 6 min (approximately 50 percent reduction)

Thus, the Lithrone S29 is capable of performing 10 jobs (of 200 sheets each) in 1 hour.

Makeready time saved if the printing company averages 10 jobs per day ~
6 min x 10 jobs x 240 days = 240 hours (annual time-saving)

Note: Figures indicate Komori measurements under specific conditions and do not constitute any warrant.

LS Perfector Technology Improves Print Quality
The versatility and flexibility of the convertible perfector give it both high productivity and short turnaround capability, making it the press of choice for printers who want to print on both thin and thick sheets, to handle both multicolor single-sided work and double-sided work, and to tackle high added value work.
Print quality problems caused by scratches and smears have been an issue with conventional convertible perfectors. Komori’s Lithrone 26P gained a strong reputation from users for its ability to perform one-pass double-sided printing at 15,000sph with no quality problems.
The new Lithrone S Series presses inherit this legacy and print with stable sheet transfer, virtually no smearing/scratching problems, and excellent performance with thick substrates by virtue of its perfecting mechanism of three double-size transport cylinders.

Komori Offers Wide Range of Perfecting Solutions
Komori’s half-size presses consist of the Lithrone Series and the Spica Series product lines.
The Lithrone S26/S29 is Komori’s premier half-size machine, incorporating the very latest technologies available. This press is positioned from the user’s perspective as a strategic machine capable of handling a wide range of high-quality work, including multicolor jobs with five or more colors and high added value work.
Handling four-color jobs in one pass and also the two-over-two market, Spica is designed with a focus on general commercial printing. It is a compact press (6,242mm in total length) in service in more than 200 installations worldwide as of December 2005.

Komori will begin accepting orders for the Lithrone S26/S29 in March 2006.

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