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Press Release

  • June 20, 2008

Establishment of Komori Technical Service Center
for Central and Eastern Europe

1. Background of establishment

Komori aims to deliver “Kando – Beyond Expectations” value and performance and strives to increase customer satisfaction as well as maximize product value. As a way to accomplish such goals, Komori will establish a Service and Sales Center in Prague, Czech Republic, to be completed in August. The fast growing Central and Eastern European market is an important market, and we will work on enhancing not only sales but also services. The purpose of the Service and Sales Center is to provide technical and sales support, and in the future we plan to backup and supplement services in other markets as well.

2. Overview

1) Period
The Center is scheduled to begin operation in September 2008 as a branch of KIN (Komori International Netherlands) in Holland.

2) Location
A service office will be set up within the headquarters of Graffin, Komori’s distributor in Prague, Czech Republic, and a training and demo room will be established next year
Hvezdova 39/870
140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic.

3) Employees
Approximately 10 people (including 2 – 3 Japanese) are scheduled to work at the Center.

3. Operations

1) Sales Support
A sales manager, who will be in charge of the Central and Eastern European market, will be placed at the Center and will provide community-based sales support in coordination with the service division.

2) Service
The Center will conduct training for customers’ technical workers and operators in order to teach them about the technology and increase their skill levels. Members of the Center will also visit customers regularly to check the machines and teach them about machine operation in order to provide preventative services before problems occur and to increase productivity. The Center will also provide distributors’ technical workers with training on the introduction of new products and special machines, as well as troubleshooting methods. Komori will strive to provide speedy community-based service by remaining close to our customers.

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