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  • August 2002

The design concept behind the Lithrone S40

The Lithrone S40 is a status machine which realizes the design concept of "human, machine and environment in harmony".
The design takes boldly chamfered forms as its basic elements, creating a clean, simple, refined and rhythmic silhouette that unifies the appearance of the machine as a whole. The full outer covering, with no protrusions or indentations, is equipped with large hand rails for safety and ease of operation. The refined metallic coloring and new logo marking emphasize the advanced functionality of the machine.
As Komori Corporation's next generation product, the Lithrone S40 is a world-leading machine which delivers high profitability, high functionality and high quality, while instilling confidence in its reliability and future potential.

Komori's record of winning these award
Our record of winning these awards is as follows. This is our second Minister's prize.

Spring 1972 Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize
Lithrone 40 1982 Japan Industrial Machinery Industry Association Prize
Sprint II 1994 Judging Committee Special Prize

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