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Press Release

  • October 7, 2002

A World First
Automatic Plate Changer(APC) on a 1092 mm Cut-off B5 Signature Magazine Thirty-two Page Web Offset Press System 35 (LR-35/1092II)

The environment in which the printing industry operates makes it increasingly difficult to maintain profitability in the face of intensifying competition and demands such as smaller lots, shorter deadlines and higher quality. To cope, printing companies must take urgent action on productivity reviews and cost management.

1092 mm cut-off B5 Signature Magazine thirty-two page web offset presses with large print areas can increase productivity by printing large areas per plate, but the difficult of loading and unloading large plates and the longer makeready time has made it impossible to enjoy the productivity benefit on small lot printing.

If this weak point could be overcome, the reduction in makeready time would increase productivity and make operation easier, thereby cutting costs such as materials and personnel and securing profitability.

Therefore we made it our main development concept to create a 1092 mm cut-off B5 Signature Magazine thirty-two page web offset press that is as easy to use as a single unit press. The result was the System 35 web offset press, which also combines the following four development concepts:
[1] Further adaptation to smaller lot sizes
[2] Insatiable attention to quality (quality of printed and folded product)
[3] Exhaustive pursuit of productivity
[4] Presses that are kind to people and the environment

Let's take a look at the APC (Automatic Plate Changer) and folder.

Full APC (fully automatic plate changer)
World first Automatic plate changer on a 1092 mm cut-off B5 Signature Magazine thirty-two page web offset press
- Full plate changing, on a non-stop basis, takes around three minutes (the operation previously took two workers 20 minutes).
- In previous units the plates were loaded from above, but now they are inserted sideways from the loader (cassette). Now there's no need to climb down into the lower unit.
- The cassette slides into place from the side, so it does not get in the way of work.
- Plates can be changed while the web is threaded, which reduces workload.
- Paper tension is controlled in the super-low speed range by a dancer roller which prevents paper trouble.

Characteristics of the folder unit
- Two folder units are enough to cover all folding specifications which could be asked of a 1092 mm cut-off B5 Signature Magazine thirty-two page web offset press. (Until now, at least three units were required.)
(Full-size folding)
(Collect folding)
- Folding specification changeover time
Changeover time is 3~7 minutes for all folding specifications.

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