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KHS-AI  KHS-AI (Advanced Interface)

KHS is an innovative productivity enhancement system developed to reduce job changeover time and paper waste to an absolute minimum. The system uses job data from the MIS-linked K-Station and preset data from PCC, which is linked to the CTP workflow. Plates output by a CTP system and preset data calculated from CIP4/PPF data enable first-pull register accuracy and color matching. KHS-AI with self-learning is a further evolution of this KHS system. Preset data is optimized by a self-learning function attuned to changes in the machine, the printing environment and the printing materials. On sheetfed presses, air and register adjustment preset functions corresponding to the paper size, thickness, grade and grain ensure stable sheet feeding and delivery. On web offset presses, all tasks, including changes in the fold specification, are automatically controlled, substantially reducing makeready time and paper waste. In addition, the system manages job control, operation history and maintenance data and includes a self-diagnostic function for troubleshooting.

PDC Series  Print Density Control Series

PDC-SX Spectral Print Density Control SX Model

High-end multifunction model with automatic registration function
PDC-SX adds an automatic registration function to the color control function so that both color and register are measured in one process and the information is automatically fed back to the press. For the color control function, an automatic X-Y travel system is used so that measurement can be performed regardless of the position of the color bar to maximize the image area of the sheet. On a perfector, the bar can be located in the center of the sheet to cut waste. In addition, spot measurement of particularly important points on the image is possible. The automatic registration function works by using special register marks so that register is measured together with color in the same scan and any adjustments are automatically fed back to the press.

PDC-SII  Spectral Print Density Control SII Model

Komoriís best seller, with more than 2,500 units in operation
PDC-SII scans the color bar on printed sheets and measures densities, dot gain, colors, and color differences and then displays the results in an easy-to-understand format on the display. The system is equipped with a function that feeds back to the press the amount of adjustment necessary as calculated from the density values whenever a change in densities occurs during printing. Since PDC-SII is spectral, it is capable of measuring special colors. In addition, spot assessment of densities and colors anywhere on the sheet during the run is possible with the handheld measuring instrument. The system also provides a printout of measurement results and makes it easy to produce materials for a report.

PDC-SE  Spectral Print Density Control SE Model

Semiautomatic spectral PDC offering measurement of special colors
PDC-SE is the PDC system for Enthrone Series presses. The design is space-saving because it can be mounted on the PQC on the delivery. PDC-SE can measure not only process colors but also special inks because the measurement head is spectral.

PDC-LITE II  Scanning Density Control System

Density control with easy operation at a low investment point
PDC-LITEII is a CMYK process color density control system that can be equipped on Komori sheetfed presses up to 40 inches in size. Since PDC-LITEII provides digital control of densities with easy operation at a low investment point, it is the ideal system as the first step on the way to genuine digital control of print quality. Equipped with a function that feeds back to the press the amount of adjustment necessary as calculated from the density values whenever a change in densities occurs during printing.

PQA Series  Print Quality Assessment System Series

PQA-S Print Quality Assessment System for Sheetfed

Basic model meeting a wide range of needs
Equipped with a function that makes air control presets according to the sheet size and thickness and the paper grade and grain direction, this system stabilizes sheet behavior at the point of inspection and reduces false detection due to a change in the position of the sheet while providing efficient inspection thanks to Komori original software. Provided with a function that allows inspections levels to be customized for critical points in the image, this one-camera PQA-S is suitable for a wide range of fields and needs. The lineup includes a multifunction model that adds a color control function to print quality inspection.

High-precision model for more critical inspection requirements
A twin-camera PQA-S model for fields such as packaging that demand very high print quality assessment capabilities. Two of the high-resolution triple CCD cameras used on the standard PQA-S are employed, enabling a print quality assessment system with twice the accuracy of the standard model. In addition to stabilizing the light source by using an LED lighting system, the imaging angle can be changed and metallized paper can be inspected, making this a highly accurate system for assessing the print quality of a wide variety of products.
* Restrictions apply to models on which these systems can be installed and to combinations of models and functions.

PQA-W Series  Print Quality Assessment System for Web

After the installation of an inspection system, inspection criteria are tightened and many false detections are reported. Since this increases the operatorís workload, the system is lacking in serviceability. When tolerances are relaxed, a major incident eventually occurs due to major defects being overlooked. Komori confronted such issues of conventional inspection systems head-on. PQA-W Print Quality Assessment System for Web is the result of the unstinting infusion of Komoriís most advanced technologies. False detections due to curving or expansion/contraction of the web are slashed unconditionally, and high-efficiency inspection is assured by the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

KOMORI CMS Solutions

K-ColorSimulator2  Easy color matching software

K-ColorSimulator2 is a core system in the Komori CMS that facilitates easy high-level color matching between offset presses and various printers.

  • Thanks to a proof that is output with advance simulation of the offset printing colors by the printer, frustration with color matching work at printing time is drastically reduced.
  • Color management expertise not necessary. CMS can be implemented in-house. The offset printing colors at the moment can be reflected immediately in the proof.

K-PressNavi  Navigation system that supports standardization of printing

K-PressNavi displays operating navigation to the press operator on the screen of the PQC (press operation stand). The system is a completely new printing information tool that supports standard printing operation in the printing workplace.

  • Enables the certain implementation and management of press maintenance by press maintenance scheduling and alarm functions.
  • Navigation gives the press operator necessary information with a video-equipped electronic manual from the PQC monitor.
  • Komoriís original manual of operating procedures can be easily opened on K-PressNavi.

K-ColorChecker  Print quality analysis software

K-ColorChecker is a color management tool that automatically creates an analytical report on print quality and color matching from the PDC color measurement results.

  • A print quality assessment report is created from the PDC-SX/PDC-SII color measurement results, and the operator can grasp the main points for quality standardization.

*K-ColorProfiler II (optional) is necessary to measure the K-Color chart when using PDC-S II.

PCC  PQC CIP Communicator

PCC converts digital data from prepress into a PQC-format ink profile for the press. Using the preview image from CIP4/PPF data to calculate the area ratio and presetting the ink keys with this accurate data has become standard practice in the industry. PCC also converts PPF data and CMYK-TIFF data into PQC ink key data for Komori presses.

K-STATION   Printing Task Control Software/JDF Interface

K-Station provides central control of multiple Komori presses and functions as an interface to outside systems (such as the Management Information System [MIS]). This facilitates sending/receiving production data by CIP4/JDF and permits data management. K-Station receives the digital job ticket (*1) from the MIS and passes it to KHS-AI. A digital job ticket (*2) is compiled from KHS-AI data and sent as feedback to MIS. Printing Task Control Software/JDF Interface

*1 Digital job ticket (Project name, job name, materials, image, estimated number of sheets, start and end times etc.)
*2 Digital job ticket (Number of printed sheets, number of production sheets, number of waste sheets, operational status, start and end times etc.)

KID  Komori Info-Service Display

As printing machines gain more functions and operations become more complex, the load on the operator must be addressed. KID is an operation support system that puts together the information needed by the operator and presents it at just the right time in an easy-to-understand format. KID makes it possible to maximize the total performance of the press and achieve higher productivity. In addition, KID collects and displays information from KHS-AI, PDC-SX and PQA-S.

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