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546mm Cut-Off Thirty-two Page Web Offset Press

LR-435/1092 III


  • Offering high printing speed and stable operation in an ISO B size press, the System 35D ensures short mekeready with the latest automation devices. Completely competent with both short and long runs, the press is exceptional with high pagination work such as free papers and magazines.
  • Printing units incorporate the technologies developed for the proven 1250mm Cutoff Thirty-two Page System 38D high-speed web offset press.
  • Employs the same Full-APC system as the 1250mm Cutoff Thirty-two Page System 38D, so that even with large B size plates, all eight plates are accurately mounted in less than 3 minutes.
  • New double chopper folder features six-cylinder
    configuration for stable production of a variety of signatures: B48P, B416P collect, B516P, and B532P collect. New functions such as collect signature
    single-stage/double-stage discharge changeover and automatic fold specification changeover improve high-speed stability and laborsaving performance.
    *Other folding specifications available as options.
Model Cutoff  (mm) Max. web width(mm) Max.printing area *
Plate size
Paper stock range(gsm)
SYSTEM35D 546(1092*1) 880 1,083×880 1,117 × 915 40-130

* Note:
Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein. Specifications may also be modified for product improvements.
Maximum printing area depends on theoretical values for single colors.
*1:Plate cylinder circumferential length.

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