Komori Corporation completes the share transfer of MBO and its affiliate subsidiary

May 01, 2020

Komori Corporation (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President, Representative Director,President and CEO Satoshi Mochida) ("KOMORI") hereby announces that it has completed the share transfer of Maschinenbau Oppenweiler Binder GmbH & Co. KG ("MBO") group, Germany-based postpress equipment manufacturer. MBO has become a wholly owned subsidiary of KOMORI under a new company name of MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH.

KOMORI has been focused on the development of peripheral equipment product lines under its PESP (Print Engineering Service Provider) business strategy. It expects to achieve significant synergy effect through sales expansion of MBO's high precision, high productivity postpress equipment product lines into the Asia and Japan in particular, where it can take advantage of its sales organization, and through realization of its "Connected Automation" concept, achieving productivity improvement as well as automation and labor saving solutions etc. throughout the printing and finishing processes by linking "KP-Connect", KOMORI's IoT solution and "Datamanager 4.0" of MBO.

MBO's "The Postpress Alliance" initiative has promoted cooperation and standardization of platform among postpress businesses and enables KOMORI to contribute as a true solution provider of the industry.