Corporate Aspirations for 2024

Jan. 01, 2024

Komori Corporation

President and Representative Director Satoshi Mochida

2023 was a special year for all of us at Komori, marking our 100-year anniversary. The time spent commemorating this milestone with customers from around the world has become an invaluable asset. It was a joy to share this achievement with our customers globally, renewing our commitment to future endeavors and industry development. As for international exhibitions, our participation in Print China 2023 in Dongguan, China, was a great success. While marking this significant milestone, we will continue to evolve in the future, adapting to the changes of the times without resting on the laurels of our history.

Under the long-term vision set forth as Komori 2030, we have clearly defined the roles and directions we must undertake in response to contemporary societal challenges. We believe that a company's presence in modern society involves not only customers but also all stakeholders, including employees and partners. In May of last year, we defined Komori's purpose as "Delivering Kando beyond expectations by contributing to society with print technology" and established this as our compass for the next 100 years.

Komori will continue to pursue print technology and work toward solving the challenges society faces.

In our core business of offset printing, we are promoting development under the theme of "achieving an environmentally friendly and safe smart factory that anyone can operate." We propose solutions that are friendly to both people and the environment, utilizing technologies such as energy efficiency, reduced paper waste, improved operability, and the automation of quality inspections and robotic logistics.

Furthermore, to enhance customer convenience, we are actively cooperating with various companies through our open innovation concept. In February of last year, we announced the KP-Connect Alliance. Connecting all equipment through KP-Connect will enable visualization of production sites, automation, and streamlining, achieving increased productivity and profitability.

In the digital printing business, we are leveraging the characteristics of digital machines to contribute to the development of life and culture in a low-carbon society. Adapting to changing consumer behavior, producing only the necessary amounts when needed directly translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions. In product development, we are also addressing new avenues, such as high-quality large photo and art printing and decorative microflute printing used in packaging.

In the securities printing business, we established the Komori Global Center-Security (KGC-S) in October last year, building a system that strengthens security print technology and addresses customer challenges through printing demonstrations and training. In a world where advanced anti-counterfeiting technology is essential, we deliver secure and trusted banknote printing solutions globally, protecting the identities of individuals, companies, and nations.

In the Printed Electronics (PE) business, we established the PE Elemental Technology Development Center (PEDEC) in October last year to respond to the rapid evolution in the electronics industry. By creating an environment for the development of elemental technologies in the electronic components and semiconductor fields, we will enhance competitiveness and contribute to the productivity improvement of environmentally friendly manufacturing and the sustainability of society.

In May, after an eight-year hiatus, drupa 2024 will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany. With a focus on a sustainable future, we will present production solutions that prioritize low environmental impact, automation, informatization, and labor efficiency. We invite you to anticipate and look forward to these advancements.

To achieve our management philosophy of "realization of Kando 'beyond expectations'", the development of new technologies and globally competitive products, coupled with appropriate and prompt service, is crucial. As we embark on the journey toward our next major goal of becoming a 200-year-old company, we designate this year as the "year of re-establishment." We commit to working cohesively as one united entity throughout the company and look forward to your ongoing guidance and support throughout this year.