drupa 2024 Exhibit Information

Apr. 18, 2024

Komori Corporation (Satoshi Mochida, President and Representative Director) will exhibit at drupa 2024 to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany. This article provides the latest details on the exhibition.

●Event Outline

Period: Tuesday, May 28 to Friday, June 7, 2024 (11 days in total)

Hours: 10:00 to 18:00 (10:00 to 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday)

Venue: Booth E02, Hall 15, Messe Düsseldorf, Germany

Komori Group Purpose:

Delivering Kando "beyond expectations" by contributing to society with print technology

Komori has cultivated printing technology for over 100 years, expanding the possibilities of paper and electronic media. This year at drupa 2024, we show solutions that support society and create Kando with value that is a step beyond expectations.

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Exhibition Theme: Connected Automation

The printing industry is confronted with a myriad of challenges, including escalating raw material expenses, labor shortages, and the imperative for sustainability. Komori champions Connected Automation as a proactive strategy for success. Connected Automation entails linking all equipment within printing facilities to achieve enhanced visibility, automation, and efficiency in production processes. This comprehensive approach optimizes workflows, bolstering productivity and profitability in turn.

Furthermore, Komori advocates for environmentally conscious printing practices, encompassing automated quality inspections, robotic logistics, energy conservation, and technologies aimed at minimizing paper waste. These initiatives collectively contribute to the establishment of smart factories that prioritize both people and the environment.

At drupa 2024, Komori will unveil its latest models of offset printing presses boasting energy-efficient designs and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, the company will introduce the new J-throne 29 B2 Sheetfed UV Inkjet Digital Printing Press, offering unrivaled return on investment and exceptional speed and performance. Visitors to Komori's booth in Hall 15, booth E02, will witness these innovations firsthand.

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●Komori's Commercial Print Zone

Lithrone G37P advance EX Edition (GL-837P-A) 37-inch Eight-color Convertible Perfecting Offset Printing Press with H-UV L (LED) Curing

MBO K80 B1 size Combi Folder

MBO A80 Stack Delivery

MBO CoBo-Stack Palletizing Robot

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot)

Part of Komori's booth will showcase a glimpse into the future of general commercial printing, resembling a Smart Factory. We will unveil innovative solutions designed to automate every stage of the printing process, from printing and folding to bookbinding. These advancements aim to enhance printing company productivity and address the persistent challenge of labor shortages within the industry.

Through real-time consolidation and analysis of data, without the need for human intervention, we will demonstrate how each device can operate at its maximum efficiency.

At the core of Komori's Smart Factory concept is the optimization of human resources. By delegating routine tasks to automated systems and collaborative robots, skilled operators can focus on higher value-added activities. Tasks such as quality assessment, including density and register checks, traditionally performed by experienced personnel, as well as the physically demanding work of handling and transporting materials, can now be efficiently executed by technology.

Visitors to our booth will have the opportunity to experience firsthand a Smart Factory environment where we will demonstrate commercial print jobs in an automated workflow. After our Lithrone G37P advance press with Autopilot prints the sheets, AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) will move the finished skid to the MBO K80 Folder with CoBo-Stack Palletizing Robot for folding. The entire process will be supervised by Komori's KP-Connect Pro allowing production optimization in real time.

To further show completion of the entire production process in the Smart Factory environment, KP connect will continue to monitor the completed signatures as they transport by AMR to The Postpress Alliance booth across the aisle (TPA - Hall 15, booth E20), where Komori subsidiary MBO Postpress Solutions is exhibiting with their finishing partners, for binding on the Hohner HSB 13.000 saddlestitcher.


●Komori's Digital Printing Zone

J-throne 29  29" Sheetfed UV Inkjet Digital Printing Press  Debut

At drupa 2024, we will debut the J-throne 29, a B2 sheetfed UV inkjet digital printing press that achieves world-class ROI with a printing speed of 6,000 sph single-sided and 3,000 sph double-sided. This best-in-class productivity and wide substrate compatibility, using Komori's newly developed UV ink, significantly expands the possibilities of digital printing. Komori will demonstrate how it can leverage both offset and digital technology to advance the print industry.

●Komori's Package Printing Zone

Lithrone GX40 advance EX Edition (GLX-740A+CC) UV-equipped 40-inch Seven-Color Sheetfed Offset Printing Press with Inline Double Coater

When considering the wide variety of print materials possible, the appeal of packaging products stands paramount, necessitating eye-catching designs that prompt consumers to engage with the product. To distinguish these packages, specialized colors and innovative printing techniques, including coating and simulated embossing, are employed to enhance their value. Attaining such excellence requires printing of the highest caliber, which must fulfill stringent criteria, including precise color reproduction, heightened productivity, streamlined color change processes, and reduced CO2 emissions through the efficient disposal of paper and ink.

As the production of printed materials shifts towards a greater variety of small-scale batches requiring more frequent job changes, improving the ability to efficiently change tasks is crucial in addressing these challenges.

Komori will meet these challenges and demonstrate the Lithrone GX40 advance, showing a variety of technologies integrated into a single pass. The press will have double coating capability as well as Komori's Super Short Makeready and Smart Color features that lower makeready waste and help solve print problems. Reducing makeready, waste and power consumption support sustainable efforts.

KP-Connect Zone

Using KP-Connect Enables the Smart Factory

In the KP-Connect Zone, embodying the exhibition concept of Connected Automation, we visualize (monitor) everything from the operation of each device in the Komori booth to CO2 emissions in real-time and propose sustainable smart factories. Consolidation of digital information through KP-Connect will lead to Autopilot control of printing presses and AMR cooperation. In the booth, our technical staff will introduce connection examples and provide technical consultation. Komori will also introduce information on new products and functions as well as tips on how to use operating data.

Print Technology Zone

We are excited to present a range of print technologies pioneered by Komori throughout its rich century-long history. Pint technology, with its capability to reproduce virtually anything, stands as a cornerstone of future advancements. Our presentation will provide insights into the latest developments in Komori's printing business, highlighting the company's current achievements and innovations.

・Security Printing

In the security printing business, we contribute to protecting the identities of individuals, companies, and nations throughout the world. In our exhibit you can see how we can bring together a wide variety of cutting edge, anti-counterfeiting processes to our example house notes (banknote samples).

・Printed Electronics (PE)

By utilizing printing technology to meet the growing demands in the manufacturing of semiconductors and electronic components, we reduce the burden on the environment and human resources. Innovative next-generation print technologies that are actively used in a variety of fields will be introduced with samples and videos.

・Web Offset Presses

The System G38 with Komori's H-UV L (LED) provides the high print quality of a sheetfed press with the high productivity of a web offset press, including low energy consumption. Take a look at the case studies of customers who have recorded overwhelming production volumes and the samples printed by the System G38.

・Komori Chambon

Komori Chambon, member of the Komori Group, designs and manufactures in-line production systems for packaging, utilizing rotogravure, flexographic and offset printing, along with rotary diecutting, delivery and special finishing operations, providing end-to-end solutions.

●Ecology (Sustainability) Zone

Komori aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in order to realize a sustainable society. We develop environmentally friendly printing presses, equipment and systems and provide solutions that reduce the environmental impact. This contributes to increasing productivity and reducing power consumption and energy costs.

●KOMORI-Kare and K-Supply Zone

KOMORI-Kare is a new problem-solving service that makes customers' improvement activities visible and easy to understand by providing the know-how and knowledge that Komori has cultivated. We support our customers in a variety of ways, including preventive maintenance, upgrades, services, and the provision of materials.

●Print Gallery

Customers from around the world can see a wide variety of colorful print samples produced with Komori printing presses.


A special theater, with a wide screen, is available for general audiences or groups with special interests. Throughout each day, the latest information will be available for a wide variety of subjects including new models and fascinating printing technology. The screening schedule will be released as the show dates get closer.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the Komori booth during drupa 2024. As Komori charts its course for the next century, we are poised to lead you into an exciting new chapter.

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*Please note that exhibits are subject to change without prior notice depending on the circumstances.