Komori 100th Anniversary Housenote: Winner of the Best New Housenote Award

May 15, 2024

Komori Corporation (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Satoshi Mochida) is pleased to announce that the Komori 100th anniversary housenote has won the Best New Housenote Award (at the High Security Printing EMEA).

  Komori 100th Anniversary Housenote

From March 4th to 6th, the High Security Printing EMEA conference was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, bringing together central banks, security printers, and industry suppliers from around the world. The 100th anniversary housenote issued by Komori in 2023 won the Best New Housenote Award for the 2024 fiscal year.

Housenotes are specially printed samples created using the same security printing technology as genuine banknotes. They use the same paper and ink as real banknotes and are created by printing press suppliers to promote sales.

The 100th anniversary housenote embodies the concept of 'Power to the Print' and incorporates a design showcasing the security print technology that Komori has built up over the years. The front features an image of the Phoenix, the legendary immortal bird said to be resurrected from ashes and live forever, along with Mount Fuji and a portrait of Yoshiharu Komori, the company chairman. The reverse depicts the company's Tsukuba Plant with two Phoenixes, cherry blossoms, and five origami Phoenixes having pattern combinations that vary with each sheet.

Printing was carried out at KGC-S (Komori Global Center-Security), opened in 2023, using the Currency LC offset printing press, the Currency IC intaglio printing press, and the Impremia IS29s digital printing system. Offset printing uses 17 colors, including five ultra-violet (UV) fluorescence inks. The intaglio printing utilizes five colors and blind embossing that presses the intaglio with high printing pressure without using ink. The digital printing system is used for variably numbering the notes and linking the origami Phoenixes to the numbers.

This housenote was produced through collaboration with various companies in partnership with Komori in paper, ink, design, and security systems, achieving a high level of counterfeit prevention technology. Through this collaboration, combining the latest technology such as digital printing and authentication functions using smartphone apps with proven anti-counterfeit technology, the potential of future anti-counterfeit technology has been demonstrated.

The award drew attention by depicting the future of banknotes by combining digital printing technology that has not yet been introduced into banknotes with existing banknote printing technology. In particular, each banknote was applauded for its one-of-a-kind design thanks to the unique waveform numbering created with digital printing technology and the pattern that changes depending on the number.


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