Chemicals management

Green Procurement Guidelines

Komori manufactures products by procuring various items (raw materials, parts, goods, packing materials, etc.) from our suppliers. In order to ensure that these products comply with Japanese and international chemical substance laws and regulations, and to build a legitimate supply chain, we have developed and deployed the "Komori Green Procurement Guidelines." This document identifies and explains the following chemical substances:

  • Ranking standard to manage chemical substances as according to their risk
  • Objects of chemical substances to regulate and manage
  • Objects of procurement parts to regulate and manage
  • Implementation summary of chemical substance management

Compliance with the PRTR system

We manage, notify, and disclose information on emissions and transportation of substances that are considered to be potentially harmful to human health and ecosystems.

Compliance with the Fluorocarbons Emission Control Act

We conduct annual inspections and basic inspections of products and maintain a history of said inspections to ensure thorough compliance.

Environmental Data

INPUT/OUTPUT for the year ending 31 March 2023

Key environmental data

Item Unit FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Emissions for Scope1 t 5,512 4,975 4,835 5,003 4,883
Emissions for Scope2(location-based) t 14,567 14,838 12,070 13,221 13,073
Emissions for Scope2(market-based) t 15,005 14,898 11,923 12,553 13,485
Emissions for Scope 3 kt 1,161 941 569 1,075 1,190
Energy usage MWh 32,980 32,332 28,391 31,331 31,073
Renewal energy MWh 603 607 597 597 625
General waste volume kt 264 227 252 361 353
Water inputs m3 133,615 83,756 112,290 122,981 92,379
Water usage m3 92,616 78,434 72,036 104,176 82,832

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