Apressia MB110E

High Performance Blanking System


The Apressia MB series for automated, labor-saving blanking.
Provides the stable quality and improved cleanliness demanded for packaging products.

The Apressia MB110 blanking system has been added to Komori's line of Apressia series postpress machinery.
Apressia MB series machines sort post-processed sheets into product and non-product divisions, increasing automation, quality and productivity and reducing costs for all production processes.

The Apressia MB110E mechanizes the blanking process, which is often handled manually, allowing for up to approximately 200 sheets (*1) to be simultaneously blanked per job. This helps to reduce labor spent on blanking - a process which, while repetitive, requires skill - allowing for easier creation of production plans through more stable production. Additionally, this reduces problems related to hiring operators during busy periods. Using the Apressia MB110E for production of packaging for goods such as food, cosmetics and medicines also improves sanitation, as products do not need to be touched directly by human hands.
The Apressia MB110E can use line data from CAD or design stages to create blanking templates before the blanking process begins, minimizing job switching time and maximizing productivity for a range of jobs from small- to large-lot.
Komori continues to create innovation in post-processes, promoting printing-focused total optimization.
*1 In the case of 0.4 mm paper thickness

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Model Apressia MB110E
Throughput mm Maximum 80
Compatible paper size mm Max. 1,100 × 800, Min. 800 × 550 (option 550 × 400 )
Blanking pins 10 mm diameter (top and bottom, 3,961 pins)
Dynamic load (press body) kg 6,000
Dimensions Length mm 4,320
Width mm 1,916
Height mm 2,650

* Specifications are for exhibit machine.
* Throughput is subject to change depending on printing conditions.
* Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein, and specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

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