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Product Lineup

Since our founding in 1923, Komori has uncompromisingly pursued what we believe is the real origin of manufacturing -quality and reliability. In developing new technologies andproducts, Komori seeks to generate kando, performance andfeatures that surpass even the demanding expectations of ourcustomers. Komori will evolve into a trusted Print Engineering Service Provider capable of bringing the full range of our expertise and solutions to bear in addressing customer issues.

Print Engineering Service Provider (PESP)

Print Engineering Service Provider (PESP)

Komori is building its Print Engineering Service Provider (PESP) business aimed at developing new worthwhile products that meet emerging needs and providing total solutions through the optimal combination of its accumulated technologies with the hardware and software of partner companies. Komori will evolve as a coordinator/consultant by recommending optimum facilities and layouts for customer requirements while driving user convenience and evolving its existing businesses.


Offset OnDemand


OffsetOnDemand is Komori's system to facilitate short runs and quick turnarounds by shortening makeready time, cutting paper waste and reducing the printing process to the absolute minimum while maintaining the high print quality and productivity of offset printing. The core of Komori's revolutionary new OffsetOnDemand printing system is the fusion of the KHS-AI integrated control system, the award-winning H-UV Innovative Curing System and the new leading edge Color Management System. The result — OffsetOnDemand is the ultimate short run and quick turnaround solution for today's highly competitive printing marketplace.

Digital OnDemand

The relationship between digital and IT technologies in the printing industry is growing deeper and convenience is becoming ever more important. Komori’s new solutions have offset printing as the core working in concert with digital printing and postpress.


Quality and Reliability in an Eco-friendly and Economical Innovative UV Curing System

H-UV (Innovative Curing System) The Komori H-UV System is an innovative UV curing system that uses a UV lamp developed with Komori know-how and high-sensitivity UV ink. With just one lamp mounted in the delivery, this system offers high print quality and reliability as well as excellent economic and eco-friendly performance.

LITHRONE GX / G series

Meeting all requirements for an offset printing press on the highest level

LITHRONE G The ‘G’ of the LITHRONE GX40/G40 stands for ‘green,’ symbolizing Komori’s stance on the environment.
State-of-the-art technology and Komori know-how have produced a press of superior configuration with a wealth of automation possibilities designed around the KHS-AI system. Exacting with regard to print quality, delivering the highest standard of productivity and ease of operation, and offering complete consideration for the environment . all at the very highest level.
Providing stable productivity at the maximum printing speed of 16,500 sheets per hour and delivering the automation and standardization the future will demand, the Lithrone G40 is nothing other than the ultimate high performance printing machine.


The ultimate high-technology machine

LITHRONE SDeveloped as a strategic machine for printing businesses with a decided orientation toward profitability, customer priorities and digital networks.
The successful fruit of advanced technologies and Komori expertise in a sophisticated new form. The Lithrone S Series embodies overwhelming productivity through the combination of world-beating short makeready performance and high-speed printing competence.
Performance proven in extensive testing and solid data pointing to extraordinary profit potential. Already in service throughout the world, the Lithrone S Series presses have transformed thinking about printing.
True value that exceeds expectations.


First Lithrone Series A1 Press
The Power to Meet Many Different Needs with Stable High Quality

LITHRONE A The Lithrone A37 is a high performance press that inherits the basic performance of the Lithrone Series machines. A compact press that can produce A1-size products, the LA-37 offers a 640 x 940 mm maximum sheet size that can accommodate a wide range of printing needs. Capable of printing sheets up to 37 inches in width, this press has the power to address the full span of requirements in the publishing and commercial printing segments. Since color management can be implemented by including a CMS color bar on sheets even with 8-up A4 and American letter size impositions, the LA-37 is the ideal machine for producing high page-count products with high print quality. Perfect for printing items in the international standard A1 poster size, plus total flexibility in layout criteria such as bindery register marks. The 13,000 sheets per hour maximum printing speed is just right for regular operation.
Moreover, this press offers a sheet thickness range of 0.04—0.6 mm and all the performance demanded for success with short- and medium-run work. In addition, being more compact and lighter than a 40-inch press means lower initial cost and lower life-cycle cost due to reduced power and materials costs. The Lithrone A37: the 37-inch press that delivers the versatile ease of use and superlative cost performance that only Komori can create.


Quality and Cost-performance Resonate

The Enthrone embodies the high print quality and leading-edge technologies that have become synonymous with Komori. And with its stepless operator-side design and small footprint, the Enthrone fits easily in any installation space.
Emblematic of the Enthrone’s full arsenal of functions, the press employs an array of double-size impression and transfer cylinders to ensure consistent performance on short runs of a diverse work mix. Accommodating sheet thicknesses of 0.04 mm to 0.6 mm, the press dramatically shortens the time required for changeover between light and heavy stocks because no transfer cylinder gripper pad adjustment is necessary. The Enthrone, in short, enables working efficiencies that result in higher margins and business growth.
*Sheet thickness range for perfectors: 0.04 ~ 0.45 mm in straight mode, 0.04 ~ 0.3 mm in perfecting mode.

SPICA series

Quality, turnaround and cost performance to maximize opportunity

The SPICA Series presses provide short makereay through Komori's KHS-inspired Pre-inking and Removing function and range of automated system. Fully network-ready with the optional CIP4 interface kit.
The press that contributes to greater opportunity by comprehensively addressing diverse needs

SYSTEM series

Speed and Quality with Complete Consistency

SYSTEMThe System series of web offset presses delivers high printing speed and productivity and also showcases Komori's emphasis on press stability at maximum rated speed and high print quality of the finished printed product.


Over 50 Years of Accomplishment as Japan's Only Manufacturer of Currency Presses

BANKNOTEThe Banknote Series of machines symbolizes Komori's leadership in the development of printing technology.

CHAMBON series

Automatic, Labor-saving Packaging Presses

CHAMBONEquipped with inline postpress processing functions, designed for automatic, labor-saving operation and packed with the special technologies required for packaging production. Available for offset and gravure printing.

Impremia series

ImpremiaThe outlook for print is changing as a result of the development of digital communications. In addition to driving forward the idea of OffsetOnDemand in offset printing, Komori understands that raising effciency and prots by taking advantage of both offset and digital printing technologies is the key to success for printing companies. Success requires the reliability and print quality of offset presses combined with the variable data printing capabilities and short run convenience of digital printing systems. To offer the total power of these capabilities, Komori is creating DigitalOnDemand solutions.
And now Komori has developed the high quality Impremia IS29 digital printing system as the key machine in the Komori OnDemand melding of offset and digital.

Apressia series

ApressiaWith the top share for offset presses in Japan and following the release of the next-generation Impremia series digital printing systems, Komori now takes aim at future-oriented innovation in processing by providing the ideal equipment and setup, such as newly developed postpress machines. The Apressia series of postpress products consists of a lineup of the Apressia CT115/CT137 programmable cutters offering the latest safety features and ease of use along with the Apressia DC105 die cutter optimized for package production efficiency



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