Apressia CT137

Programmable Hydraulic Clamp Cutter


Sophisticated design combining easy operation and stringent safety standards.
Apressia CT115/CT137: The New Cost Performance Benchmark

Komori: the worldwide leading manufacturer of o set presses and the Impremia series of next-generation digital printing systems. Now Komori takes this opportunity to introduce the exceptional Apressia series of postpress equipment.
The debut products in this series are the Apressia CT115/CT137 cutters.

Targeting a revolution in postpress processes, these cutters boast an exterior design that breaks the conventional image of cutting machinery and a sophisticated operation panel. Operations are clustered on this 19 inch touchpanel, making it possible for anyone to easily operate it from the day it is installed. A cutting switch that is operated by both hands and photoelectric area sensors are standard equipment for an extra margin of safety. The high speed, easy to operate Apressia CT cutters provide ample cutting width, ideal for cutting paper stock or nishing printed work. Plus, its small footprint makes it easy to incorporate into your pressroom operation.

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  • Easy operation with the large, 19 inch touchpanel.
  • Ample working space: 735 mm from the edge of the table to the knife.
  • 165 mm maximum cutting height.
  • Cut-line is standard feature.
Specification / Model Apressia CT115 Apressia CT137
Table width*1 mm 2,680 2,900
Depth*1 mm 2,500 2,823
Table height mm 1,680
Weight kg 3,800 4,500
Soft clamp load N(kgf) 300(30.6)
Clamp load N(kgf) 1,500~ 45,000
(153 ~ 4,589)
Cutting width mm 1,150 1,370
  1. *1Maintenance space around the machine is necessary: 1,000 mm or more from the left and right sides (both) of the table and 500 mm or more from the back of the table.

* Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein, and specifications may also be modified for product improvements.
* Availability depends on area.

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