Apressia AT120N

High-end Auto Pile Turner


The Apressia AT series is equipped with sophisticated automation features to easily and safely align paper.
Simplifies paper handling and helps to streamline printing processes.

Apressia AT is a series of high-end auto pile turners, introduced to further strengthen the Komori Apressia lineup.
Paper turning and pallet replacement can be initiated from the touchscreen control desk, which is installed in a safe location. The Apressia AT series allows for safe operation by anyone.

Automatic operation can begin immediately after installation, using pre-installed programs (turning, aeration, alignment, etc.). All functions can be handled from the touch panel, including not only program selection and loading up of registered jobs, but also configuring values for various features and switching to manual operation. Additionally, Apressia AT allows work to be carried out in a small space. Loading, output and pallet raising/lowering is all performed in one location. Apressia AT has passed strict European standards.

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  • Can switch to automatic operation from the touch panel-equipped control desk
  • Sophisticated paper alignment utilizing three-row air blower vibration
  • Comes standard equipped with safety features for turning, raising and lowering
  • Switch between automatic and manual with a single button
  • Comes equipped with pallet clamps*

* Option

Model Apressia AT120N Apressia AT120H
Maximum paper size mm 800×1,200
Sheet thickness mm 0.2 mm or more cardboard
Maximum stack height*1 mm 1,450 2,010
Minimum stack height*1 mm 630 790
Maximum paper weight*1 kg 1,200

    *1 Includes pallet
    * Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein, and specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

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