37" Convertible Perfecting Offset Printing Press


High Productivity and Profitability of a Perfector

A compact perfector that meets the needs of both single-sided and double-sided printing, the Lithrone A37P offers the same maximum sheet size and maximum printing area as the Lithrone A37. With a maximum printing speed of 13,000 sheets per hour, the press meets the needs of high quality printing on both light and heavy stocks with a sheet thickness range of 0.04-0.45 mm in single-sided printing and 0.04-0.3 mm in double-sided printing.

The sheet reversing mechanism uses a newly developed double-double-single cylinder configuration consisting of a double-sized transfer cylinder, a double-sized suction drum and a single-sized perfecting cylinder for high-stability perfecting. This cylinder array and the impression cylinder immediately following sheet reversal enable printing with smooth, stress-free sheet transport.
The sheet reversing mechanism employs a smooth, flat perfecting cylinder surface that eliminates scratches and marking. The mechanism is also equipped with an automatic changeover function that allows quick mode changeover, thereby reducing human error. In addition, the changeover fault recovery guidance system enables the avoidance of errors, the prevention of mechanical damage, and the reduction of any downtime if a problem does occur. In the delivery, the adoption of the upsweep air guide and belt-type vacuum wheels ensures stable sheet transport and prevents scratches and marking in the delivery.

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  • Delivers outstanding cost-performance by enabling double-sided and single-sided printing with just one press. Also capable of printing on either thin or thick substrates.
  • Equipped with a high performance sheet reversal system configured of double-double-single transfer cylinders, the press ensures high quality printing in both double-sided and single-sided modes.
  • Outstanding suitability to printing on heavy substrates is provided by the flat perfecting cylinder surface.
  • Makeready time is substantially reduced by eliminating the need to adjust the transfer cylinder gripper pad up-down device when changing sheet thickness and by automating perfecting changeover.
  • A variety of options facilitate upgrading of the press. Working efficiency can be improved by equipping the Lithrone A37P with the H-UV/H-UV L (LED) instant curing system, the KHS-AI integrated control system for quick start-up, or any of various washing systems.
Number of colors 2,4
Max. sheet size mm 640×940
Max. printing area mm 620×930(Single-sided)
Feeder pile height mm 900
Delivery pile height mm 900

* Maximum printing speed varies according to printing conditions.
* Margin for vacuum wheels on back side of sheet required for double-sided printing.
* Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein, and specifications may also be modified for product improvement

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