Human Rights Policy

The Komori Group respects human rights, opposes discrimination, and promotes diversity in its corporate activities. We protect the dignity of all stakeholders and strive to respect human rights in accordance with international standards.

Respect for Human Rights

The Komori Group Code of Corporate Conduct and the Komori Group Employee Conduct Standards, which are a Komori Group's code of conduct, specify that we comply with domestic and international laws and regulations and respect universal human rights, respecting the personalities and individuality of all people concerned with our business and not discriminating against them. The code of conduct is translated into seven languages and contributes to an increased awareness at Group companies in Japan and abroad.

Komori Group Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The Komori Group discloses statement in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act.

Supplier Partnerships

The Komori Group establish far-reaching co-creation and collaboration to give Kando to our partners including collaborative companies.

Basic Procurement Policy

From FY2023, the Komori Group has adopted a new management philosophy of "Realization of Kando 'beyond expectations'." We believe that we should bring kando not only to our customers, but also to all our stakeholders and employees, as well as to the society and global environment in which we live.

Based on our management philosophy, we have established the "Komori Group Basic Procurement Policy" to conduct fair and equitable procurement activities, while also striving to build mutually beneficial relationships with our partner companies.

As part of our efforts to provide information to our partner companies, we share Komori's philosophy at annual affiliate policy briefings. Additionally, we hold regular meetings for affiliates every two months at our main facilities (Tsukuba Plant and Komori Machinery), where we share crucial information related to component procurement. Furthermore, we actively promote environmentally conscious procurement by providing updates on Komori's environmental initiatives and the latest trends.

CSR Procurement Guidelines

Customer interest in the entire supply chain from which products and services are produced has increasing every year. The Komori Group believes that it is necessary to have a shared understanding of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to work in a co-ordinated manner together with its partner companies, which play an important role. To this end, we have formulated the Komori Group CSR Procurement Guidelines and are working on them together with our partner companies.

Green Procurement Guidelines

For more information on green procurement guidelines, please see the Chemicals Management section under the Environment category.

Collaborative VE activities

We take the needs of partner companies that we can address to help improve issues they are facing, and work on activities to improve quality and costs with a technical approach.

Establishing relationships of trust with long-term transactions

Production of Komori's printing presses, which consist of approximately 50,000 parts on average, would not be possible without the support of its many high-quality partner companies. As we marked the 100th anniversary of our founding, Komori honored our long-standing business partners.

Work-life balance

Realization of Kando beyond expectations is unattainable without employee Kando

Employee engagement enhancement is one of the material issues for the Group's endeavors toward 2030 in the Long-Term Vision, Komori 2030. For Komori to continue enhancement of corporate value in a sustainable way, human resources are positioned as its most important "capital," and we believe initiatives for the enhancement of employee engagement is essential by realizing employee Kando, with the KOMORI-style Work-Style Reform that is challenging but rewarding positioned as the basis. We are working to strengthen human capital for the group overall, naming the KOMORI-style Work-Style Reform "K-Work," and implementing reforms in stages.

  • 1.Establishment of a Comfortable Workplace Environment
    A workplace environment that allows a healthy and flexible work style
  • 2.Enhancement of Human Resource Management
    Personnel and educational systems to enhance work ethic and skills
  • 3.Diversity Promotion
    Support for work-life balance according to life events and employing diverse human resources

Establishment of a Comfortable Workplace Environment

At Komori, the spread of COVID-19 became an opportunity to implement new work styles, such as working remotely and staggered work hours, as well as promoting reforms in the office layout in order to create new ideas and values through revitalized communication across divisions. We are working to expand flexible work styles that are not bound by time and place.
Based on the idea that health management of each and every employee is important for employees to sustainably reach their full potential in their performance, we are also undergoing initiatives strategically with regard to health management aiming to maintain and improve the health of employees.

Health Management

To achieve employee Kando, Komori is working on health management as it is essential for each and every employee to be healthy both mentally and physically and to work with enthusiasm. Specifically, Komori undergoes appropriate management of work hours, provides every employee with an opportunity to receive regular health checkups, recommends participation in specific health guidance, improves health by promoting radio calisthenics exercises, etc., and takes measures against infectious diseases such as workplace-based vaccinations for COVID-19 and influenza.
We will continue to recognize employees’ health management from a management perspective, continuously examine and review the effectiveness of our initiatives, solve various health issues, and maintain and improve the health of employees and their families.

Promotional system

Certified as a 2023 Health and Productivity Management Organization

Komori was recognized under the 2023 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (Large Enterprise Category) in March 2023. It marked certification for two years in a row. This program is to recognize corporations and other organizations that practice excellent health and productivity management through response to local health issues and healthcare initiatives promoted by Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Initiatives for the integration of all health insurance societies of the Komori Group

With the aim of enhancing benefits for employees and their families, SERIA ENGINEERING, INC., one of our group companies, left their association health insurance society as of October 1, 2022 and joined the Health Insurance Society of Printing, Binding and Packing Machine, the same as the Group. As a result, burden of insurance premiums on individuals was reduced, and the level of services they were eligible for rose. Initiatives to integrate the Group’s health insurance society will continue.

Other activities in which we participate include the following.

Human resource development and careers

Enhancement of Human Resource Management

The Komori Group aims to be an organization where each and every person of our diverse personnel can autonomously grow and continue to play an active role. To this end, we intend to provide growth opportunities according to each employee’s career plan and enhance employees’ growth by getting them motivated, which in turn will lead to our growth as an organization. The Komori Group values ability and autonomy and puts in place a mechanism and environment that allow employees to try as many times as they like.

Career development and evaluation

We are undergoing career development and evaluation, positioning personnel optimally so that: both employees and the organization can achieve maximum performance; highly fair, transparent evaluation can be carried out; and compensation in line with such evaluation can be provided. Utilizing the target management sheet set up every half year, supervisors and employees compare targets set and results achieved in a one-on-one meeting. Further, target management is tied to performance evaluation, and in evaluating achievements, results of the evaluation are also provided as feedback. Also, with self-assessment, individuals are free to include their ambition regarding future transfers and career aspirations, thereby allowing for each employee to be heard and for coordination in positioning personnel optimally as much as possible for the organization as a whole.

Human resources development matrix

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Diversity Promotion

Komori positions supporting work-life balance and raising next-generation children as one of the focused initiatives of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has been increasing and improving systems compatible with life events. Various initiatives are being taken based on the belief, "If we provide a comfortable and fulfilling working environment for employees who are balancing work and childcare, they can exert their full potential."

Kurumin certification

Komori has been supporting women’s career development as part of promoting diversity, and we received Kurumin certification in April 2021 by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as a company that supports childrearing.

Kurumin certification

Komori childcare support system

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Strengthening development of global human resources

Komori has overseas subsidiaries in 18 locations throughout 11 countries, and one third of the employees are overseas personnel of foreign nationality. As further globalization of our businesses is expected going forward, we consider the development of global leaders to be an urgent matter. To that end, Komori defines global human resources as those that can plan and implement an overseas commercialization strategy together with the local staff. We have started training that aims to mainly strengthen adaptability to other cultures and business management know-how. We also promote human resource exchange with the overseas subsidiaries and hiring of overseas human resources, and are taking initiatives to establish a "people andorganization structure" that is in line with globalization.