B1 size Combi Folder


Folder with high folding precision due to high operating speed and robust construction

The MBO K8 achieves absolute precision and outstanding productivity because of numerous MBO premium features integrated in this machine: M1 Control for safe transportation of sheets and easy handling, Vacuknife folding knife for smallest possible sheet gaps, patented slitter shaft cassette MWK for short set-up times etc. The optional Super-KTZ configuration which enables an even wider range of various folding styles adds more flexibility. Further extensions to enhance performance: The mobile Z2 knife folding unit for fourfold tasks. Due to the pneumatic drive the crossfold knife Vacuknife allows a frequency of 40,000 cycles/h.


Machine control M1 Advanced
The machine control M1 Advanced is an intuitive operator guidance system on the adjustable touchscreen. It includes a router for the RAS (remote maintenance software). In addition, it features sheet monitoring and sheet tracking through the entire machine.The screen diagonal of the machine control M1 Advanced is 15.6”. Jog mode is possible with open noise insulation and safety equipment. The machine can also be operated with two-hand operation. The M1 Advanced is compatible with the Datamanager 4.0, a software package for production planning. A fold imposition catalogue is also stored on the M1 Advanced providing support during setup.

Waste paper ejector
The sheet stop in the crossfold can be used as a waste paper ejector. Double or heavily misfolded sheets are ejected during production without interruption of the production fl ow. Immediately after the ejection the waste paper ejector closes again and the production is continued without any disturbance. Novel track-keeping tooth belts ensure optimal transportation of sheets.

Super-KTL / Super-KTLT / Super-KTZ in the cross fold
You can get even more folding styles out of the Super-KTL and Super-KTLT configurations. The various combinations of the cross and threefold knife with the subsequent buckle plate and the rear slitter shafts in the cross and threefold allow a multitude of processing possibilities. In the Super-KTLT version there is an additional buckle plate after the threefold for the application of even more folding styles. The Super-KTLT configuration replaces a cost-intensive buckle folding machine with a large space requirement when folding 32 pages in double-up production.The SUPER-KTZ configuration combines the configurations KZ and SUPER KTL and, therefore, the folding style ranges of two machines in one. The complete cross and threefold section (except for the crossfold knife) can be swivelled a full 180 degrees from left to right without much effort. As a result, you can turn a SUPER-KTL configuration into a SUPER-KTZ configuration – with least expenditure of time.



Max. sheet size mm

Palletized feeder:780×1,200

Continuous feeder:780×1,200

Min. sheet size mm Palletized feeder:170×250

Continuous feeder:150×200

Sheet thickness (weight) gms 35~250
Speed m/min 230

Number of buckles

plates 4 or 6
Available configurations KTL、KTLT*、KTZ*

    * Optional specification
    * Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein, and specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

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