H+H KL112.1

Miniature folding unit


Folding machine suitable for the production of manuals for medicines and cosmetics

The miniature folding unit KL112.1 is designed for the production of small products, specials and thin papers. Our smallest folder is a real big one.


  • Designed for the production of small and miniature folded products, special folds, and multi-folding of thin papers, the KL112.1 is the ideal folder for the production of manuals for medicines and cosmetics
  • Based on a folding roller diameter of 26mm, the folder can realize folding dimensions of 18mm
  • In combination with a maximum of 24 buckle plates per unit, larger sheets can be folded down to small final formats
  • Optional glue and tape applications are also available

Model 350mm 450mm 520mm
Max. sheet size mm

Stream feeder:350x550

Stream feeder:450x650

Pile feeder:450x1,000

Stream feeder:520x650

Pile feeder:520x1,000

Continuous feeder:520x1,000

Min. sheet size mm Stream feeder:40x50

Stream feeder:40x50

Pile feeder:80x105

Stream feeder:40x50

Pile feeder:80x105

Continuous feeder:150x180

Min. folding dimension mm 18
Speed m/min 150
Number of buckles plates plates 2~24

    * Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein, and specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

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