B1 size Combi Folder


Folder with high folding precision due to high operating speed and robust construction

The MBO K80 folder offers extreme ease of operation. It is suitable for the production of high precision, high performance production of folded products such as signatures and flyers in medium and high print run lengths. Even complicated folding patterns can be produced with absolute precision. The combi folding machine achieves technical perfection thanks to the integration of numerous MBO-specific features.


Standard features:

    • Machine control M1 Basic in a manual MBO K80

    • Machine control M1 Advanced in an automated MBO K80
    • Feeder head Vaculift III in the palletized feeder
    • Vivas (Vacubelt and Vacutable)
    • Buckle plates with swing deflector
    • Spiral fold rollers with hard PU in the parallel fold
    • Slitter shaft cassette in the parallel fold

Optional features:

    • Machine control M1 Advanced in a manual MBO K80

    • Combination buckle plates
    • Gatefold plater
    • Virotec fold rollers in the parallel fold
    • Slitter shafts in the three-fold

Optional automation:

    • Buckle plates and sheet deflectors in the parallel fold and cross fold

    • Fold rollers in the parallel fold, cross fold and three-fold as well as slitter shafts in the cross fold and three-fold



Max. sheet size mm

Palletized feeder:780×1,200

Continuous feeder:780×1,080

Min. sheet size mm Palletized feeder:170×250

Continuous feeder:150×180

Sheet thickness (weight) gms 35~250
Speed m/min 230

Number of buckles

plates 4 or 6
Available configurations KTL

    * Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein, and specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

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