LITHRONE G44 advance

44" Offset Printing Press


The Lithrone G44 advance:
Unique format size offers unmatched production efficiency

With a wide maximum sheet size of 840 mm x 1,150 mm, the Lithrone G44 advance achieves impressively high production efficiency for large-format package printing. With the unique sheet size, the Lithrone G44 advance is the perfect complement for the packaging printer as it increases overall print capacity using a larger sheet, while at the same maintaining the ease of operation similar to a B1 press. Based on the Connected Automation concept, strengthened collaboration and optimization between processes as well as high-level automation with presets based on information from high-end systems are realized, thus contributing to productivity improvement throughout the entire printing process, and providing one of world class ROI. The Lithrone G44 advance is a strategic machine that revolutionizes production efficiency for B-series and package printing alike.


  • The powerful press that brings the ability to create new value to the changing printing business.
  • Offering a 15,000 sph maximum printing speed and a sheet thickness range of 0.04~0.8 mm, this press meets a broad range of printing needs.
  • The wide 840 x 1,150 mm maximum sheet size accommodates the requirements of the growing gang run printing segment as well as impositions in a range of sizes.
  • Loaded with power throughout: high print quality, short makeready, stable sheet feeding and delivery, stunningly high productivity, and energy saving.

Model LITHRONE G44 advance
Number of colors 4-6
Max. sheet size mm 840×1,150 (820×1,130 special specification)
Max. printing area mm 820×1,140 (810×1,120 special specification)
Plate size mm 900×1,150 (900×1,130 special specification)
Feeder pile height mm 1,250
Delivery pile height mm 1,250

* Maximum printing speed may differ depending on chosen specifications and printing conditions.
* Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein.
* Specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

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