44" Dedicated Two-sided Multi-color Offset Printing Press

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Lithrone GX44RP advance EX Edition:
New benchmarks for productivity and sustainability

Boasting a world-class return on investment*1, the Lithrone GX/G advance series is being introduced globally.
To achieve further productivity growth and sustainable management, Komori has developed the Lithrone GX/G advance Series equipped with revolutionary new functions.
By means of three eco-conscious functions*2, the press reduces power consumption by up to 18%*3 while printing and realizes stable feeder and delivery operation to cut wastepaper usage, thus both achieving reduced greenhouse gas emissions and high productivity.
Leveraging the latest printing technology, this latest development from Komori reduces energy costs and enhances operator eciency, propelling businesses to a new heights.
The Lithrone GX44RP advance combines Komori technology and expertise, utilizing a transfer mechanism that offers a powerful advantage when requiring stable, high-output double-sided printing. The simple, non-reversing sheet transport can flexibly adapt to a wide array of stocks from thin paper, to heavy board packaging, while maintaining high front-to-back register accuracy for the highest quality, double-sided printing. It furthermore minimizes paper costs and uniquely shares plates with its single-sided press counterpart for a more efficient production process.

*1 ROI (Return on Investment)
*2 Smart Inking Flow, DC blower and e-Mist
*3 Effect of Smart Inking Flow and DC blower together


  • A high-speed, high-quality one-pass two-sided printing press, the Lithrone GX advance series that offers great stability and short makeready time.
  • Labor-saving automated systems such as the KHS-AI (Advanced Interface) and benderless Full-APC are standard equipment.
  • The configuration of the one-pass double-sided printing press, which does not use a perfecting mechanism, contributes to the efficient use of paper because the margins on the top and bottom, that are required for a perfector are unnecessary.Also mode switchover and air adjustments are unnecessary, allowing for shorter changeover time.
  • Equipped with the Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changer (A-APC)* for significantly shorter makeready times.
  • Equipped with the H-UV/H-UV L (LED)* system, which enables fast print drying and short turnarounds. A wide range of other options is also available.
  • Updated KID (Komori Information Display) improves operator efficiency.
  • *Optional specification
Model LITHRONE GX44RP advance
Number of colors 4-10
Max. sheet size mm 840×1,150 (820×1,130 special specification)
Max. printing area mm 820×1,140 (810×1,120 special specification)
Plate size mm 900×1,150 (900×1,130 special specification)
Feeder pile height mm 1,850
Delivery pile height mm 1,250

* The above specs require either H-UV, H-UV L (LED) or UV.
* Maximum printing speed may differ depending on chosen specifications and printing conditions.
* Performance and numbers may differ from specifications herein. Specifications may also be modified for product improvements.

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