LITHRONE G37P advance

37"Convertible Perfecting Offset Printing Press


Stable One-Pass Printing Affords
High Performance and Profitability

The Lithrone G37P advance is a compact perfector that enables high-quality, single and double-sided printing in one pass and straight multicolor printing in one machine. By achieving a high-speed perfecting cylinder, high quality printing is possible at a maximum printing speed of 15,000 sheets per hour and with a sheet thickness range of 0.04 to 0.45 mm during both single and double-sided printing.

The paper perfecting unit consists of a cylinder layout of double-sized - double-sized - single-sized cylinders on a transfer cylinder, suction cylinder, and a perfecting cylinder to enable highly stable perfecting printing. This allows for stable sheet transfer that is smooth and stress-free for all types of printing jobs. The perfecting unit eliminates marking and smearing through the flattening of the perfecting cylinder surface.
Quick changeover through the automated changeover function reduces human error. Furthermore, mechanical damage and errors can be prevented in the short time that changeover issues occur through the Perfecting Changeover Error Recovery Guidance System, which also lessens press down time. Additionally, marking and smearing issues can also be prevented in the delivery unit by using Komori's unique sheet transfer technology built into the Lithrone G series.

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Model LITHRONE G37P advance
Number of colors 8
Max. sheet size mm

640 x 940

(25 3/16 x 37)

Max. printing area mm

620 x 930 (24 13/32 x 36 5/8)

[620 x 916 Oil-based perfector printing(24 13/32 x 36 1/16)]

Plate size mm

700 x 945

(27 9/16 x 37 7/32)

Feeder pile height mm


(35 7/16)

Delivery pile height mm


(35 7/16)

* Maximum printing speed may differ from specifications herein.
* In double-sided printing with oil-based ink, a margin on the back side of the sheet for the vacuum wheels is necessary.
* Performance and values may differ depending on specifications. Komori reserves the right to change specifications for the purpose of product improvement.

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